Mac Users no longer excluded from the Identification Printing world! understands the importance of providing an ID Card Printing solution to customers running there organizations on a Mac based system.  Mac users can now benefit from the full range of advanced features offered by the Evolis Printing solutions: Be it full color, monochrome, or volume printing. offers these drivers free to there customers through a download from

A secure Identification Printing solution is a necessity for every organization - schools, government institutions, banks, and membership clubs all require the exclusivity and security that identification printing can provide.

Yet despite the clear need for identification printing across the broad spectrum of organizations, identification printers have only worked on windows-based systems, excluding the needs of Macintosh users.

Excluding Macintosh-based organizations from the benefits of identification printing is a terrible business decision for the ID card printing world, as both the number of Mac-users and growth potential of Apple are tremendous to say the least.

ID Security Online is now able to provide a solution to Mac-based organizations in need of identification printing in the form of the Evolis line of ID card printers.  The Pebble 4 is a newly released identification printer that is compatible with Macintosh.  Additionally, it comes in three colors, a sleek design, and has a fast print rate of 150 cards per hour.

Besides providing you with Mac-based solution, ID Security Online can include everything you might need into a “bundle,” a discounted package including a Pebble 4, ID cards, ribbons, cartridges, and identification printing software.

ANGERS, France, October 2002 – The Evolis colour printer for plastic cards, New Pebble, is now compatible with Mac OS X v10.2.

The Evolis New Pebble is a multi-use printer, adapted to all plastic card and data encoding applications. Thanks to the printing technology of thermal transfer and colour sublimation, the New Pebble prints and personalises student cards, leisure cards, loyalty cards, company badges, access control...

Delivered with its Mac OS X v10.2 driver, the New Pebble prints in a few seconds on a plastic support your photos with an exceptional result, as well as your texts and bar codes.

With its small volume and extreme ease of use, the New Pebble is just as easily integrated on a reception desk as on your desk! It is available in 3 colours: Ruby, Glacier, or Lagoon.

Evolis is today the only manufacturer of plastic card printers that are also compatible with Mac OS X v10.2 and who also offers a complete two year warranty, print head included.

About Evolis Card Printer

Evolis Card Printer invents and manufactures printing systems for plastic cards adapted to the identification, security, loyalty, leisure, and special event markets. The aim of Evolis is to simplify and to popularise the access to the plastic card printing technology in order to make it possible for all companies, clubs, federations etc. to acquire their own card personalisation system at the best price. Situated in Angers, France, Evolis is represented in 70 countries with more than 8000 printers delivered.

Evolis Card Printer launches the Pebble, its brand new generation of color plastic card printers. In its strong position after 4 years in existence, the Pebble changes line, gains in power and performance and achieves an unbeatable finish.

The printer that caused a revolution a few years ago is now going even further, and you can tell!

Powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective, the Pebble is the ideal choice for printing and encoding your high quality cards: employee or student badges, access control badges, subscription or membership cards, loyalty cards, and much more.

Its Hi-Tech design, compactness and choice of three cover colors (Lagoon, Ruby and Glacier) allow the Pebble to be integrated in any reception or office desk. This aesthetic and powerful printer represents a technological development that will reconcile those in search of fine lines with people in need of high performance and productivity.

Even more reliable and powerful

Based on the proven concepts and technologies of Evolis printers, the Pebble is a 100% reliable product.
It is designed to reply to all needs, from small card series to printing in volume.
Very quick, it prints up to 150 cards an hour in full color.

A turnkey solution

Delivered as standard with user-friendly software for badge personalization and drivers for Windows or Mac OS X, it is as easy-to-use as a classical office printer. To reply to all market demands in terms of access control and security, in addition to printing standard bar codes, the Pebble enables the encoding of magnetic stripe cards and the personalization of contact or contact-less smart cards.

An excellent quality/price ratio

With a quality/price ratio that outdoes all competition, the Pebble is displayed as the reference single sided color printer on the market.