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Identify doctors, nurses, staff and visitors with secure ID badges. Knowing who is in your facility and in which area is critical to ensure the safety of all, but also a smooth flow of people.

  • Employee ID cards
  • Patient & visitor ID cards
  • Insurance cards
  • Access control badges
  • Medical Emergency cards
  • Time and attendance tracking

Surviving and Controlling COVID-19 in Healthcare Environments Depends on Effective ID (Visual) Communication

In hospital environments today, patients and medical professionals live with the threat of Covid-19 transmission. The COVID-19 crisis has established new medical-industry standards of personal responsibility, social distancing, and transmission risk management. Ensuring safety and contain transmission of infectious disease is now imperative.

COVID-19-related IDs let staff, patients and guests know that your healthcare organization is serious about health security. Also, having all employees, patients, and visitors wear ID badges that distinguish clearly a person’s COVID-19 status is a way to boost workplace safety and spot persons not conforming to COVID-19 policies and procedures.

With the right ID badges, isolation labels, and screening status labels during these times, key information can easily identify healthcare staff, essential workers, and patient types, and their screening status.

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ID Badging Accessories

Our printers can easily be customized to provide holographic overlays, magnetic striping and proximity features that ensure only approved persons have a matching identification. Moreover, you can utilize the same printing machine to create special event badges or other customizable identifications as you have need. You'll never have to worry about being out of commission for long with a machine in need of repair as we'll ship you a free loaner on us. Finally, if you are charged with procuring your organization's ID printing machine and you come across a cheaper price than ours, just send us a copy of the quote and we'll beat it!

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Questions & Answers

Can Access to Quarantine or Restricted Areas be regulated with IDs and proximity cards?

Yes. During the current COVID-19 pandemic—and any epidemic (a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time) impacting broad populations and causing a rapid increase in patients needing medical care—healthcare facilities must quickly and visibly present key information about patients, personnel, access, infection status, control measures, and special precautions. IDs and badges instantly deliver the right information visually or digitally to permit access to defined areas either permanently or temporarily staged to manage infection and isolation protocols.

What Other Ways Can My Healthcare Facility Heighten Security to Help Minimize Transmission of Infectious Diseases?

Besides IDs and security cards identifying personnel and their authority, other tools include isolation labels, screening status labels and wristbands, specimen labels, and essential employee labels. These all help reduce transmission risk by keeping identified groups separated effectively and by keeping all staff members and others visually informed of the nature and scope of those separations.

Can I Add COVID-19 Related Information or Color Coding to Personnel Badges?

Yes, personnel ID badges can easily be customized through integrated design software to add pertinent information (including color) about a staff member’s screening status, access to defined areas, or essential status. With the cost of supplemental employee identification so low, no organization has an excuse to permit staff members to be on the job without prescribed badges and labels.

Are ID Badges in Healthcare Environments Really Going to Positively Impact Health Security?

Yes, absolutely. Identification badges let patients, visitors and coworkers know a person is an employee, and their name, title and role—and their risk profile. Healthcare institutions’ ID badge protocols typically require employees to wear issued badges when working in campus buildings. In healthcare environments, wearing ID badges visibly above the waist by all employees is essential to establishing their safety profile while on the job.
The right badge can quickly identify inpatients with suspected COVID-19, can foster safe interactive conduct, and guide infection prevention and control (IPC) strategies. And prevent or limit transmission COVID-19 in healthcare setting. The more facts available/shared, the better able people are to govern themselves wisely and effectively to minimize transmission.

Can you restrict access to certain floors with IDs and proximity cards?

Yes as we offer HID Proximity Cards that allow only authorized personnel to pass through access control points. Depending on how your building is setup, this can be restricted to certain floors of the building.

Our organization experiences a high amount of employee turnover. How quickly can we get a new badge printed for a new employee.

This is perhaps one of the best reasons to have your own ID printing machine. If you work in a field with high turnover, then it can get expensive to keep ordering new IDs. However, with our equipment you can snap a photo a print off a new ID right there on the spot.
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Our machines are designed to avoid taking up a lot of space. Most organizations keep the printer on a desktop or shelf with little day to day inconvenience. You might say they were made with the small practice in mind.

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