Evolis Pebble 4 - solution to Mac-based organizations

Identification printing is a necessity for nearly every organization of any size.  Schools, government institutions, banks, and membership clubs all require the exclusivity and security that identification printing can provide.

Yet despite the clear need for identification printing across the broad spectrum of organizations, identification printers have only worked on windows-based systems, excluding the needs of Macintosh users.

Disabling Macintosh-based organizations from the benefits of identification printing is a terrible business decision for the ID card printing world, as both the number of Mac-users and growth potential of Apple are tremendous to say the least.  Only yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone 4, a communications game-changer with features such as video chatting, HD video recording, and multi-app capability.

ID Security Online is now able to provide a solution to Mac-based organizations in need of identification printing in the form of the Evolis Pebble 4.  The Pebble 4 is a newly released identification printer that is compatible with Macintosh.  Additionally, it comes in three colors, a sleek design, and has a fast print rate of 150 cards per hour.

Besides providing you with Mac-based solution, ID Security Online can include everything you might need into a “bundle,” a discounted package including a Pebble 4, ID cards, ribbons, cartridges, and identification printing software.