Evolis Paper Blank Cards - White

Item#: C2501
Manufacturer: Evolis
Per Pack: 500
Sale Price: $45.00
More Options: C2511


Evolis recommends paper cards for short-term usages (events, visitor identification, luggage tags) or for cards facing low physical stress (gift cards, loyalty cards) when color personalization is not required.


Paper is a natural and renewable material and comes from forests managed in a sustainable way. Our cards are certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Paper cards also meet the compostability standard EN 14995. Paper is biodegradable in the wild within a few months and its recycling stream is well developed.


Our cards offer a high perceived value thanks to premium feel and high whiteness.

Compatibility and packaging:

  • Paper cards are compatible with BLACKFLEX ribbon RCT019NAA.
  • Help reduce the environmental impact using low packaging reference C2501.


  • Cards in paper made from cellulose fibers (wood fibers) – without any added plastic
  • Blank White
  • Compliant with ISO CR-80 (ISO 7810) standards.
  • Dimensions : 85.6mm x 54mm (US: 3 3/8’’ x 2 1/8’’)
  • Packaging:
    • 1 box of 500 cards Part # C2501
    • 5 boxes of 100 cards Part # C2511

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