Evolis Metallic PVC Blank Cards C4601
Evolis Metallic PVC Blank Cards C4701

Evolis Metallic PVC Blank Cards

Item#: C4601
Manufacturer: Evolis
Per Pack: 100
Sale Price: $25.00
More Options: C4701



Color cards are a great way to make your tags look distinctive and get them noticed

The high perceived value of gold or silver cards makes them ideal for hospitality and retail businesses who want prestigious-looking cards.

They are recommended for:

  • Privilege cards
  • Event cards
  • Gift cards

The cards can be used with Evolis monochrome ribbons to print text and logos and are compatible with Edikio accessories 

Evolis card printers and Evolis High Trust

Tested and validated by Evolis R&D and Quality departments, these consumables bring you printing quality and reliability.

Use Evolis High Trust supplies to keep off defects and to benefit from high-quality printouts and at an optimal cost-per-card.

Storage information

Avoid dust, direct sunlight, high humidity and high temperatures. Do not place near solvent or other chemicals


  • Blank PVC Preprinted color
    • GOLD Color Part # C4601
    • SILVER Color Part # C4701
  • Metallic Finish
  • Compliant with ISO CR80 Standards:
    • 85.6 mm x 54 mm (3 3/8’’ x 2 1/8’’)
  • Thickness: 0.76 mm / 30 mil
  • Packaging: 1 box of 100 cards

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