Evolis Full Color Ribbon for the Primacy - YMCKO - 300 Prints

Item#: R5F008AAA
Manufacturer: Evolis
Retail Price: $95.00
For use with: Primacy, Edikio Flex


Evolis Primacy Ribbon.

The Evolis Full Color Ribbon for the Primacy - YMCKO - 300 Prints (item#: R5F008AAA) is designed to produce vivid colors and ensure vibrant ID cards and badges.

The YMC (Yellow, Magenta, cyan) panels will create stunning color images while the Black (K) panel will print sharp text or barcodes. The Overlay (O) panel will protect your cards from wear and tear and extend the lifespan of your cards.

This high-capacity ribbon offers 300 images per roll. As a result, you get more prints at a lower cost per card. You will also increase your card production rate and therefore maximize productivity.

The Evolis full color YMCKO ribbon comes in a cartridge that simply drops into your Evolis Primacy printer. Monitoring of remaining ribbon capacity is easy with on-screen display alerts when the ribbon is nearing its end.

This ribbon is also eco-friendly as its packaging and core are made of recycled material.

This Evolis full color YMCKO ribbon is for use with the Primacy card printers. 

Genuine Evolis supplies meet stringent quality standards and are recommended for optimal printing quality and proper printer performance.

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