Save more with a half panel color ribbon!

You just bought a brand new ID card system to print employee badges. The design of your cards is pretty standard: it includes your company name, logo, full name of the employee, title and photo. To do so, you need a full color YMCKO ribbon, right?

Well maybe not! Most ID card printer manufacturers offer a half panel color ribbon. This ribbon is called half panel because the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan panels are half the size of the regular panels that you find in a YMCKO ribbon. The K (Black) and O (Overlay) panels stay full size.

This ribbon is right for you if the part that you need to print in full color (logo, picture) doesn’t exceed half of the card, and that the rest of the information is printed in black. This ribbon is ideal for student IDs, employee badges, and membership cards. It also works great on pre-printed cards when you just need to add a picture, name and barcode for example.

The benefits of the half panel color ribbon are multiple. Half-panel ribbons allow twice the normal ribbon yield than a standard YMCKO ribbon, which translates into a much lower cost per card and less user intervention since the ribbon doesn’t have to be changed that often.

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