What Proximity Card Should I Choose?

What Proximity Card Should I Choose?

Proximity cards give you an easy and affordable way to get secure access control for employees, students, contractors, or vendors. They’re read-only devices with an embedded antenna that allow card reader devices to pick up the data from a range between 2.5 inches to 20 inches, depending on the reader you choose.

IDSecurityOnline offers you plenty of choices in proximity cards, which might make it difficult to decide. We’ll walk you through your options here to help you narrow it down to the best solution for your needs.

Do You Need to Print on Your Proximity Cards?

If you need just a basic proximity card and don’t need to do any printing, you best choice is the ProxCard II. This value-priced card is thin enough to carry in a wallet or purse.

If you want to print visual security features, anti-counterfeiting options like holograms or ultra-violet fluorescent inks, or your company logo or a photo, read on.

Do You Need to Add Data to Your Cards?

If you just need a basic card to print on, you can choose between a PVC or PET card, depending on your usage needs. The ISOProx IIcombines proximity technology with photo identification capability on a single card.

When you need to add data, you can choose a proximity card with a magnetic stripe like the DuoProx II. Or you can choose the Smart ISOProx II or Smart DuoProx II that allow a contact chip module to be embedded for multi-technology applications. All of these cards feature magnetic stripes to allow for more functionality than mere access control.

What If You Need To Add Proximity Technology to Something Other Than a Card?

The MicroProx Tag is the size of a coin and attaches to any non-metallic surface. It’s compatible with all HID proximity readers. Another choice is the ProxKey III key fob. If you already have ID cards and want to add proximity, these two choices will work well.

If you want to add proximity technology to your company vehicles, the ProxPass II is a long-range active vehicle tag with a read range of up to 8 feet. It also has a replaceable battery for greater functionality.

How Soon Do You Need Your Proximity Cards?

IDSecurityOnline offers QuickShip proximity cards that are the fastest way to get your programmed proximity cards. We program all QuickShip cards on site and can ship your QuickShip cards within 2 business days. If time is of the essence, choose QuickShip.

You can choose QuickShip cards with or without magnetic stripes, and they’re available in both PVC and a composite PVC/PET construction. All of the QuickShip cards can be printed on to give you greater customization.

Additional Considerations

Proximity cards come in varying thicknesses, from 0.027 inch to 0.033 inch. Clamshell cards vary in thickness from 0.060 inch to 0.070 inch.

If you need a proximity card that can withstand high temperatures or frequent use, we offer the HID Indala proximity card made of composite materials that are heat resistant. It’s ideal for wear-and-tear environments like a university or factory.

More Questions?

Contact one of the experts at IDSecurityOnline to discuss your unique situation. We can help guide you to the best option for your security needs and your budgetary considerations. Our proximity card experts have intensive experience with all of the cards we offer, yet aren’t attached to any one brand. This means you get the best advice that’s vendor-agnostic.