Why Professional ID Security for Education is So Important

Why Professional ID Security for Education is So Important

The way schools, colleges, and universities protect their students, as well as their faculties, is always changing.  There has been a growing need for enhanced checks and security monitoring at each level of children's education.  ID cards not only help to identify students and teachers but can grant clearance to certain areas.  Professional ID security for education should, therefore, arguably, be used as a means to an end.

However, there are still many schools not yet making use of professional ID printing.  While systems may be in place to identify visitors, not all educational bodies print ID for attendees or staff.  In a climate where protection of children has never been more important, the need for accessible, professional ID card printer hardware has never been greater.

Enhanced Protection for All

A good ID card should easily demonstrate who the holder is.  However, counterfeiting of ID is growing all the more sophisticated.  In environments such as schools where child safety is a priority, it makes logical sense to print ID cards which are almost impossible to replicate.

Magicard 600 Photo Id System

The temptation to save money by printing cheaper ID cards, or not to print them at all, is no longer excusable.  Affordable ID printing systems such as the Magicard 600, which supply double-sided ID cards, are readily available to the public.  What’s more, it is now easier than ever to copy-protect your cards.

The Magicard 600 is one of many printers used by schools thanks to its HoloKote technology.  HoloKote is a brand of watermarking which allows you to imprint your own insignia or logo.  This works as a visual security seal.

ID security for education is simple to address and to implement.  Visual checks and enhanced security features will give the reader more confidence in the holder.  Educational bodies need to ensure that they only permit access to verified staff and students alike.  As time has moved on, simple ID cards alone simply aren’t doing enough.

Cards for Access

ID cards for schools and colleges should, as discussed briefly, also allow people access to certain areas.  Modern school buildings now offer swipe card systems, where a student or faculty member can swipe the magnetic strip on their card to open doors.

This system is deemed far more efficient at protecting sensitive environments.  ID cards for use in schools can be activated with specific permissions.  For example, student ID cards may be able to access classrooms, but they may not be able to access staff areas or server cupboards.

Without a card to access an educational building, unwanted visitors are immediately deterred.  Before would-be intruders can swipe a card, in any case, they would need to be subject to visual checks.  Access technology is part of an efficient two-step system that doubly protects students and education staff alike.

Visitor Permissions

Any educational authority needs to vet its visitors carefully.  It is no longer enough, for example, to simply sign in a guest and to supply them with a paper badge or plastic pin.  Printers such as the DatacardSD360 recommended for school environments, can also be used to print temporary cards with access features quickly.  These can be used and disposed of at the end of their lifetime, and offer minimal wastage.

Using a professional ID card printer to produce visitor cards will be worthwhile if visitors need to access premises for long periods of time.  For example, local inspectors, verified laborers, and frequent guests may benefit from having professional cards printed.  It is a cost-effective solution which, when used alongside thorough vetting, can help to keep your school safe.

Everyday Uses of ID Security for Education

ID cards for use in schools and colleges can be used for more than simple entry and exit.  Staff and students, as well as visitors, will likely need to use them frequently throughout their time on campus.  Here are a few scenarios where ID and access cards may be required:

  • In the event of lunch breaks or recess periods, cards can be used to access cafeteria or outside areas.
  • At special events and fairs hosted by a school or college, ID cards can be used to confirm the right of attendance.
  • Some cards may also be used to pay for food and drink.  These applications may be useful for students, staff, and visitors.
  • Access and ID cards can also be used to access library facilities.  It is possible for library accounts to be directly linked to access cards.
  • Volunteers who regularly visit a school, but who may not be teaching staff, may also be granted limited access ID cards.

ID Card Information

The information needed on each ID card, in an educational context, should be comprehensive.  An educational ID badge or access card will generally carry the following information:

  • A clear, recent photo, which is essential for visual checks.
  • Date of birth and date of admission to the school or college.
  • If the holder is a student, their card should show which grade or class they attend.
  • If the holder is a faculty member, their card should show which subject or class they teach.  If a non-teacher, the card should also state as much.  For example, ‘maintenance’ or ‘cafeteria staff.’
  • A date of expiry should also be visible.
  • Additional security features, such as holographic coating, watermarking or embossing, should also be considered.

Professional ID card hardware such as the ZebraZC350 offers affordable, accessible ID creation which can be used in-house.  The costs schools and colleges face with outsourcing ID card protection can often escalate.  Therefore, secure in-house printing is immediately more cost-effective.

Keeping Safe

When it comes to our children, security should be our number one priority.  With in-house ID card printing available and more affordable than ever, ID security for education is simpler and less hassle for the people who run our schools and colleges.  Professional education IDs should always be provided to protect students and to give parents and staff peace of mind throughout the day.