Finding the Right Printer Supplies with Elite Customer Service Support

Finding the Right Printer Supplies with Elite Customer Service Support

If you’ve been the procurement specialist or officer manager in your organization for anytime, you understand that finding the right printer supplies can be easier said than done. From identifying the right printer ribbons to tracking down hard to find supplies for discontinued models, the wide array of printer accessories available in the market can be a little overwhelming without the right level of support. That’s why we here at IDSecurityOnline have always prided ourselves on our elite customer service support team. We understand the loss of productivity that comes from ordering the wrong ribbon and having to send it back. We also understand that not all bosses are too understanding about the loss productivity. That’s why we’ve immersed ourselves in the world of printing and stand ready to help you track down the right supplies and keep the boss happy.

Finding the Right Printer Ribbons

By far, the biggest confusion customers seem to have revolves around ordering the right printer ribbons for your customized printing solution. That’s why have learned everything there is to know about printer ribbons. While we are still waiting for the category to come up on Jeopardy one day and make us all rich, we can at least help you find the right printer ribbon in the meantime. So let’s start with a little basic Printer Ribbon 101.

Ribbons are most often differentiated with letters representing different portions of the color spectrum. “Y” equals yellow, “M” equals magenta or red, “C” equals Cyan or Blue, “K” equals black and “O” or “T” represents a clear overlay. Now, that might all sound a little confusing, but you can then see why you see most printer ribbons referred to as YMCKO. These are your full color ribbons most commonly sought. So, for example, if you are purchasing the Fargo Half Panel Color Ribbon and Refillable Cartridge, you’ll notice the YMCKO markings letting you know you are on the right track.

No Need to Guess with Customer Service

Fortunately for you, there is no reason to guess whether you’ve got it right. For starters, we have our drop down menu that will narrow down your options based on a few key points of data. Just input the manufacturer, type of supply you are seeking and finally then printer model and voila. We’ll kick out a page to you that shows only supplies compatible with your model An example would be seeking the appropriate ribbon for the Fargo 5600. So there is simply no way to get it wrong.

However, you don’t even have to do that much. Just give us a call anytime and our elite customer service team will walk you through the process step by step. We’ll not only guide you to the appropriate supplies, but will keep you informed on any other potential needs and keep you stocked up and ready for business. Finally, don’t forget about the rest of the accessories that go with ID badge printing. From lanyards to hooks and accessories, we’ve got all the right badge accessories in one place. So check us out and see why for over a decade now some of America’s largest organizations have trusted IDSecurityOnline with their ID printer solutions.