PRINTER REVIEW: Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer

PRINTER REVIEW: Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer

At IDSecurityOnline, our ID professionals are highly experienced and deeply knowledgeable about every brand of ID card printer available. It’s our No. 1 job to make sure you get the perfect printer that meets your current and future business and security needs.

In this post, we’d like to cover an ID card printer that delivers sharper, crisper images and text thanks to High Definition Printing (HDP). HDP delivers the highest image quality with an HDP film that’s fused to the surface of ID cards, resulting in more vibrant images and text.

The Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer is the perfect choice for companies whose brand image is important. High quality, 600 dpi printing capabilities let you print small text that’s precise and barcodes and QR codes that are perfectly defined. This is managed through an innovative Workbench diagnostic utility and Color Assist tool to help you match colors to your company logo and service marks.

High quality at an affordable price

The HDP5600 is one of the most affordable dye sublimation / thermal transfer printers available with a 600 dpi solution. To help you manage your ID card program costs, half-panel ribbons are available for the HDP5600, which can reduce your cost per image by up to 30 percent.

HDP film provides longevity

For increased protection, the HDP film (optional) offers great abrasion resistance for cards in high use or wear conditions. HDP film can extend the life expectancy of your ID cards by two to four years. This solution is cheaper than others using separate lamination hardware and protective over laminates.

Instantly show evidence of tampering

Cards produced with the HDP solution are more secure because if someone tries to peel apart the layers, the images are destroyed. You can also add a holographic over laminate with holographic HDP film on the front of your cards for added security. And if you over laminate both sides, you can add further security features and extend the life of your ID cards.


The Fargo HDP5600 can print anywhere from 24 seconds per card to 48 seconds per card, depending on single- or double-sided lamination and encoding options. The input hopper can hold 100 cards, and the output capacity is 200 cards. The Fargo HDP5600 works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Printer options

To make it easy to get exactly what you need in an ID card printer, the Fargo HDP5600 comes in a variety of configurations, depending on your needs:

Excellent warranty

Finally, the Fargo HDP5600 comes with an excellent warranty that covers your ID card printer for 3 years and includes a free printer loaner in case yours needs work. There’s an optional Extended Warranty Program for those who like total peace of mind.

Final thoughts

The Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printer is an affordable and flexible system that is easy to expand as your needs grow. You can add on double-sided printing, encoding, and laminating modules to create the ID card system you’ll need today and in the future. There’s even an optional dual-card input hopper if you need to increase your printing volume.

If this sounds like the perfect solution to your ID card needs, call one of our ID Experts today to discuss which Fargo HDP5600 configuration best meets your current and future needs.