Pre-Printed Cards

Pre-Printed Cards

Are you looking to send a holiday greeting to a friend or a loved one? Is your wedding anniversary around the corner? Do you know anyone who is not well and could use some cheering up? Or are you looking to wish someone a happy birthday? Pre-printed cards provide a quick way to share holiday greetings or birthday wishes, but sometimes the message the card comes with isn't enough. When this is the case, you can deliver your own greeting with the aid of a PC printer and a graphic or word processor program. Printing on the inside of greeting cards requires the same printing process as that used on any heavy card stock. Once you've designed your greeting, simply set the printing parameters and print away, customizing your pre-printed greeting cards to your liking.

You can choose your own design, colors, images, and more with our pre-printed card design packages. At ID Security Online, our pre-printed cards allow you to create highly-customized designs perfect for many industries, such as schools and government use, projects, be it at home or in the work place, and not to mention loyalty, membership and gift cards. Use our durable, preprinted cards for loyalty or gift card programs, or print additional information on them for use with membership programs.

Quickly and easily print monochrome or color text on high-quality pre-printed plastic cards that feature your organization's design, colors and other information. Our pre-printed card packages will help increase your organization's efficiency by making it convenient and simple to use an existing printer to add information to pre-printed plastic cards. Depending on the specification, cards can be printed by the traditional screen print or litho print processes.  For the smaller volumes digital printing is an economic method of producing cards in a very short timeframe.

There are several ways using pre-printed plastic cards can benefit you and your customers. Use pre-printed membership and loyalty discount cards to thank and retain customers by rewarding them for their continued business on the spot. Encode pre-printed plastic gift cards that can increase your sales from right in the store. Or, even take advantage of pre-printed plastic business cards that are professional and leave a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Our pre-printed cards come with many advantages:

  • Saving in costs as back side need not be printed
  • Faster throughput.
  • More consistent output
  • Longer head life means saving on operations.
  • Logo colors can be matched more accurately.
  • Fixed data completely permanent and cannot be erased and does not fade
  • Possibility to have bleed designs and metallic colors like silver/gold.
  • Less wastage of blank cards as well as ribbons.

Moreover, we offer a wide selection of our  ID card printers  suitable for your cards such as EvolisFargoDatacard, and Zebra.