Photo ID Cards Help Maintain Security at Construction Sites

Photo ID Cards Help Maintain Security at Construction Sites

Safety and security at construction sites has never been more important than today. Large and small construction sites have numerous subcontractors on the job site that do not know each other. Expensive equipment and critical supplies are brought in and out of the site on a daily basis. Keeping track of the comings and goings of both people and things are complex and require detail like never before. Job foremen are required to produce more, maintain safety and security and provide more reporting than ever.

To keep track of the subcontractors and equipment as well as report daily details, many construction sites have made use of photo ID card systems to provide necessary information and reduce the loss of supplies through theft. Photo ID cards can be required on the job by every subcontractor that is authorized to perform a job function. By completing an application for  a construction card, the worker can provide pertinent information about them as well as document the functions they are qualified to perform.

After receiving the ID card, the worker can be required to display the identification while on the job site by use of an appropriate badge holder. The card verifies that the worker is allowed on site and can display what work has been designated to the worker. By passing the ID card through an appropriate reader, some software will track time and attendance as well as provide reporting for who was on the job site at a specific time. Some job sites go as far as requiring access systems with appropriate cards to control access to the site.

To assist in this tracking requirement, many construction sites use a photo identification system to assist in providing current information and detailed reporting for management. By requiring photo identification for each subcontractor, it is possible to verify to other subcontractor who is authorized to be on the job site and provide a level of security on the site. This reduces theft and streamlines the processes as to who is assigned to what job. To obtain a photo ID, the subcontractor can be required to document important information and provide qualifications for the specific jobs he is authorized to perform. The card design can provide an indication of the level of qualifications of the worker and he can be required to display the identification with a badge holder for visual inspection as needed.

Some construction software can track supplies that move in and out of the job site. Items can be tagged and monitored as needed throughout the job site. Equipment that tends to disappear can also be monitored to prevent theft and easily locate when needed. Construction ID’s are required for both large and small projects where the management deems that security and safety issues are a concern.

ID Security Online
offers their line of photo ID systems which allow construction sites to:

  • Prevent theft of equipment and construction materials
  • Control access to the construction zone
  • Keep accurate record of all individuals who enter and leave the construction site
  • Ensure that only qualified individuals are working in the area
  • Provide a safe and secure working environment

Construction sites require strong security both to protect workers and also to prevent the loss of equipment and construction materials from theft. ID Security Online provides photo ID systems that can meet the strict security requirements of construction premises and create construction ID cards. With ID card system in place, contractors are able to keep record of those who are authorized to work at the site, visit, or make deliveries to the site. Construction ID cards help to secure sites by ensuring that only certified individual can gain access to the area and the equipment and materials within it.