Why Every Organization Should Start Laminating their ID Cards Now

Why Every Organization Should Start Laminating their ID Cards Now

Have you ever come across an old ID from a prior season of life? Perhaps it was a military ID, college ID or even former job. Chances are the only reason it is still around in pristine conditions is because it was laminated. Remarkably simple and yet objectively effective, laminating an ID not only secures it for the future but it provides substantial benefits today. Organizations ranging from large corporations to government agencies have a great deal to lose when their security is compromised. This has led the savvy organizations to opt for laminating ID cards due to the enhanced security options available. Then again, even if security were not a concern it is simply a cost-efficient method of protection your investment in an ID printing machine. After all, what good is printing an ID if you are just going to have to do it all over again in three months. It is a waste of ink and simply adds to the wear and tear on your machine. Perhaps it is time for you to consider enhancing your security today while protecting your work for posterity.

Protecting for Posterity

The average organization may not weigh nostalgia heavily as a reason to laminate its ID cards, but it does prove its effectiveness. One can search through their own closet, wallet or purse and pull out a laminated card from a decade or more ago as proof. Lamination extends the life of your ID cards and yet, the benefits of doing so can be realized today. Those who work outside will find their ID cards regularly exposed to UV rays leading to rapid fading and the eventual need to replace the card.

Organizations that use their card repeatedly throughout the day to swipe through security systems might find themselves obligated to reproduce cards on a regular basis. Not to mention, if you have been the unfortunate soul to left your card in your car for a few days over a hot summer weekend then you know what dye migration looks like. You might not have known the term, but when the colors of your ID are transferred onto whatever surface it was next to that was it.

Laminating cards with a quality printer like the Fargo DTC4500e Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with Lamination saves the costs of reprints by offering a one and done solution. If you don’t believe us just start rambling through your parents old belongings and tell us how long it takes you to come up with a laminated blast from their past. Now let’s talk security.

Enhance ID Cards Security Today

Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating and practical applications of laminating an ID is the ability to add holographic laminate. You’d be hard pressed to find a government issued ID that didn’t have some form of holographic laminate added for security. This could be your company logo or perhaps even a custom security image that is extremely difficult to replicate. One could also use a UV ribbon and then laminate it over the card.

A UV image provides a clandestine level of security by offering an image only viewable under a UV light. If you take a look at your average credit card you will likely see such an image in place. The advantage of placing a UV image is that those seeking to replicate an ID are often unlikely the image is even there. Then, when it comes time to pass through security the UV light exposes the ID as a fraud. There even exist the option to simply pre-print your cards with the preferred image making the stock ready to go when needed. Between a UV image and a holographic laminate, you can feel confident that you are making your cards as secure as possible today.

The bottom line is that holographic laminate will give you an edge over anyone attempting a quick and easy win over your security measures. That’s what makes our laminating ID card printers in such demand. When you are ready to make an investment in security most organizations have found great value in going for the best there is to offer. Not only does it lengthen the life of the ID, but it protects the identity and brand of your organization from those who would do it harm. To laminate or not to laminate, that is the question. If you want the very best there is to offer, the answer to us is clearly to laminate.