Accessories to make your organization's ID badges more efficient

Accessories to make your organization's ID badges more efficient

If you’re considering ID badges for your organization, simple ID cardholders with lanyards are the first to mind. However, no work environment is the same, and you should consider the factors that can impact how ID badges are used in your situation.

Different types of accessories can change how to use ID badges. On top of speeding up identification and verification, they can streamline your workplace and even impact safety.

As these accessories are also inexpensive, they are a smart investment for organizations that rely on badges. Both your employees, your customers, and your bottom-line will thank you for investing in the right ID badge accessories.

Badge Holders

To protect your cards, make them harder to lose, and improve their lifespan, a badge holder should be the first accessory you get. However, you should carefully consider how the cards will be used before choosing the right kind of holder.

First of all, there are both horizontal and vertical badge holders, depending on the orientation of your card printing. Secondly, you can opt for flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid holders depending on how much protection you require.

Badge holders also come with different types of attachments. You can get armband holders, luggage tag holders, standard lanyard holders, keychains, and bulldog or swivel-hook clips.

Consider any special functions you need. There are cardholders for magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, waterproof holders, or multi-card holders. Convertible or automatic badge holders can even adjust to accommodate different card types or sizes.


Lanyards are the default option for most when it comes to how to carry their ID badges. They are easy to wear/remove, can hang openly for quick identification, and are easy to use with a swipe or proximity reader. They are a great option when employees work in a customer-facing environment for open identification.

Lanyards also come in a surprising number of styles and functions. There are no-flip lanyards that always face the same way, adjustable lanyards, anti-microbial lanyards, etc. Lanyards can affordably be customized with brand visuals for a sense of professionalism and pride.

Although convenient, lanyards aren’t suitable for all situations. For example, where machinery is involved, it might become a choking hazard if it hangs freely.

Badge reels

Where lanyards may be unsafe to use, a badge reel can be a superb alternative. These accessories can be retracted so that the badge stays close to your personage until you need to extend it for identification or scanning.

Badge reels are a useful option for schools and students because they can be clipped to bags. Despite being easy to store, ID cards can also be openly displayed by clipping the badge reel to a shirt pocket or belt.

Badge reels come in various shapes and styles and can also be customized with your branding. Make sure to pick a badge reel with your preferred type of cord and clip, especially for sports or rugged environments. Carabiner, alligator, and magnetic clips are the most popular choices.

Strap clips

If you always want your ID badges to be closely attached to the body, then an inexpensive and effective strap clip is in order. The most common type of strap clip uses an alligator clip to grip the card with a 1 to 4-inch strap that can loop around and attach to clothing or other straps. The clips are usually an NPS-type clip with nickel plating and 1 or 2 holes.

They can easily be fixed to belt loops, lanyards, and bags, or briefcases. Because of their short strap, they always face in one direction, making them ideal for quick identification. Rubberized or vinyl coated tips reduce wear and tear on your badges or badge holders.

Luggage accessories

If travel forms part of your business and you regularly need to identify luggage, then you should look into luggage attachments. Because luggage undergoes rough handling and a lot of traveling, these attachments need to be tough and durable. Otherwise, employees might lose their identification or access cards on the way.

Leather luggage straps with brass or nickel-plated knuckles add a touch of class on top of being durable and adjustable. On the other end, simple elastic loops are inexpensive and can be obtained in a range of colors.

Adjustable plastic strips with T-locks fill the gap between these two. Make sure that you also get a badge holder that attaches to these types of straps. Rigid plastic cardholders with clear faces are popular because they offer easy identification, and cards can be easily removed/inserted on the go.

Neck or wristwear

If you’re looking for something different, there are other types of attachments for wearing badge cards on your wrist or around the neck. Beaded neck chains, like on military dog tags, give a certain aesthetic and are more discreet than lanyards. The same goes for thin elastic cords with alligator clips on the end.

For quick flashing of cards, wrist coils with keyrings are a versatile and handy option. They can quickly be worn, removed, or passed around and are always on hand for presenting.

Alternative pins, clips or magnets

Various types of loose clips or attachments are available to replace worn-out ones or two modify your existing cardholders.Pin clips are versatile because they can be used to attach your card to any material. Badge clips with a flat, square adhesive or clip face are useful for attaching to pockets or belts.

You can also opt for a ribbed or embossed design or different plating (like nickel, matte, brass) for aesthetic reasons.

Belt clips, pull-apart steel key rings, crimp pins, military ribbon bars, magnetic badge findings, and j-hooks all have their applications. Adjustable neck cord looks are great for locking the length of cords in place to suit your environment.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your ID badges

Although they seem inconsequential, ID badges can become a bottleneck in your operations if not properly deployed. With just a little bit of foresight and planning, you can choose the optimal ID badge accessories. This decision will improve your employees’ jobs, improve customer satisfaction, and lead to a more comfortable work environment. So, look over your options and choose wisely.