ID Cards Printing Essentials

ID Cards Printing Essentials

ID Security Online provides the ability to identify privileges and users while automating the process. Cards are available in full colour or monochrome, credit card size or oversized, single or dual-sided. IDSecurity Online offers four different types of ID cards. They are

PVC Cards

PVC ID cards make an organization appear sophisticated. Enhanced safety to the premises is achieved by adding security features. ID Security Online can print the PVC cards for a client or provide blank cards and PVC card printers that an organization can use to minimize the cost and print on-site.

PVC cards come in a variety of colours, thicknesses, and sizes. They are available with an adhesive back or magnetic stripe. PVC ID cards feature room for barcodes, text, and photos. Adding a magnetic stripe allows processing payments. They are perfect for bookstores, cafeterias, and more.

Pre-printed PVC ID cards provide significant cost and time savings for entities with a high volume of card customization needs such as 

  • Organizations
  • Spas
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Businesses
  • Banks

iCLASS® Cards

There is a myriad of smart card technology that can be used with iCLASS ID cards. ICLASS embeddable smart cards can be used for 

  • Biometric verification
  • Attendance and time
  • Cashless vending
  • Network log-on security
  • Access control

The cards meet strict ISO thickness standards. They can be used with thermal transfer or direct image printers. ICLASS smart cards are available in both standard PVC card construction and composite Polyester/PVC construction. The latter is used for demanding environments.

Key features include:

  • The option to use a contact smart chip module to embed the cards
  • Smart chip applications can be added to single ISO standard thickness cards.
  • Offer the ability to add:
    • Photo ID
    • Custom artwork
    • Anti-counterfeiting feature
    • Barcode
    • Magnetic stripe

Pre-printed Cards

Security ID Online is a source of high-quality custom pre-printing. The best way to consistently achieve minute graphics and detailed logos is withID cards that are pre-printed. Advanced state-of-the-art equipment is used for high-quality colours, texts, and graphics.

Security features such as UV printing are popular with state and federal governments. They add covert text or images that are only authenticated and seen when UV lights are used to read them. Other printing options include:

  • Barcodes
  • Card encoding
  • Magnetic stripes
  • Scratch-off panels
  • Signature panels
  • Slot-punched

Further personalization to the custom pre-printed cards such as cardholder photos and data can be done on desktop ID card printers in-house.

The pre-printed cards are standard credit card size. They are used for

  • ID Badges
  • Access ID cards
  • Embossed finance and bank cards
  • Plastic key tag cards
  • More

Instead of graphics being printed directly on the surface of ID cards, the graphics of pre-printed ID cards are layered into the cards during the process of manufacturing. The process creates graphics cards that are of high-quality and last longer, which means money is saved on printing materials.

Benefits of ID cards include:

  • Fast print speed
  • Decrease in ribbon costs
  • Card that looks professional

The goal for ID Security Online is to make issuing new cards for an organization easy. They work with newly integrated and existing programs in the facility. The front and back packaging can be done in plain white with a gloss finish or with custom artwork or a magnetic stripe.

Proximity Cards

A proximity card is a smart card with a wireless connection to a reader. The transmission range is only a few inches. The reader quickly passes it. The composite PVC construction works well in demanding wear-and-tear environments.

The cards meet the standard for proximity

  • Photo ID
  • Debit transactions
  • Data security
  • Network access
  • Access control

Proximity cards are an access control form that uses a contactless wave over a reader to communicate. They are becoming prominent in business firms, government offices, and hospitals because they make access to sensitive and restricted areas nearly impossible to intruders. They are excellent to manage employee attendance and payroll.