How Do I Pick the Right Badge Reel?

How Do I Pick the Right Badge Reel?

Retractable badge reels have become one of the most popular ways to both display ID security cards and still be able to swipe, scan, or read information on the card without having to remove the card from someone. Their small size makes them convenient to clip on your belt, a pocket, or some other piece of clothing for easy access. The retractable cord slides simply and easily in and out of the badge reel when you need to use your ID security card for access, to pay for something, or to show your credentials.

What’s Your Workplace Environment?

Do you need your ID cards to always display forward for visual security identification of photographs or other visual means of identifying employees or visitors? If so, consider a no-twist badge reel. This type of reel keeps your ID cards always facing forward and stops them from flipping over. If your badges need to remain visible at all times, you’ll need this type of reel. 

Are your employees or students going to clip the retractable badge reel to different places on their clothing, like a shirt collar or pants pocket, that causes the ID card to stick out at an awkward angle? A retractable reel badge with a swivel base solves this issue. The back of the reel that clips to clothing swivels 360 degrees, meaning no matter where the reel is clipped to clothing, it will always swivel so that the ID card is hanging down.

Is your workplace a fairly rugged industrial factory or perhaps an outdoors setting? If so, you want to choose a heavy duty badge reel. These are constructed with stronger cords made from nylon, wire, or chain link that attach to badges and also feature reinforced straps. These high-quality reels are designed to withstand a more robust work environment.

Next Choose Shape and Color

You can get retractable badge reels in a variety of shapes like round, square, and even heart-shaped. While everyone seems to choose round badge reels, you can set your organization apart from the crowd with a square or heart-shaped badge.

You can opt for standard colors or choose a specific color that best matches your company’s logo. You can even choose translucent retractable badge reels that make it fun to see the inner workings. Choose something different from the status quo to both meet your security needs and distinguish your business from the multitudes.

Decide on the Best End Fittings and Clips

The end fitting is what attached your badge or card to the badge reel. Do you need a card clamp for your temporary badges or visitor badges? Or would a snap clip or key ring work better?

There are also a variety of clips to choose from, like carabiner clips, hook clips, and the swivel clips. How you need to use your ID security card or badge and how secure and accessible they need to be will determine the type of end fitting and clip you’ll need.

The IDSecurityOnline Difference

Not only do we carry all of the retractable badge reel types discussed above, but we can also create customized badge reels that include your logo or other information. You choose the badge reel type you like best from our large selection, send us your graphics, and we’ll send you a superior, custom badge reel at the best prices available.

What better way to promote your company and reinforce your brand than with customized badge accessories? Call one of our experts today to discuss your retractable badge reel needs, and we’ll find the best option to meet your requirements and your budget.