How To Choose The Right Type Of Badge Holder

How To Choose The Right Type Of Badge Holder

One accessory you might need for your ID cards are badge holders. They perform a variety of functions that are highly useful:

  • Provide a secure holder to keep ID cards from being lost
  • Make it easy to display ID badges
  • Allow your security personnel to easily spot ID badges
  • Protect your ID cards from wear and tear
  • There are a few questions you need to answer concerning your ID cards before you choose a badge:

How will your badges will be used?

ID cards are always used for identification purposes, but sometimes they have additional purposes. A badge can be used to help customers easily identify employees when they need help. Some badges need to be quickly presented for identification, and other are swiped or scanned for time tracking or access purposes. All of these uses require different badge holders.

How long do you need badges for?

In some situations—like conventions, trade shows, or seminars - ID badges aren’t probably going to be worn more than a day. This makes cost a factor in deciding what badge holder to select. On the other hand, if your employees are constantly breaking their badges or your badges wear out easily with use, you’ll need a strong holder that can withstand some punishment.

What is your badge’s orientation and how thick is it?

Some badges are displayed vertically and some are horizontal. The type of orientation will help guide you towards selecting the right orientation so you badges are displayed properly. You also need to consider how thick your badges are and make sure that the holder your select works with the thickness of your badge.

Is color a consideration?

Colored badge holders can help security personnel quickly identify different levels of access. Or you can select a colored badge holder that matches your company logo’s color to accentuate your badges. Another option is to choose reflective or glow in the dark badge holders for added safety in low light conditions, especially when employees or visitors are present after dark.

Do you need a specialty holder?

Proximity cards and those with magnetic strips require specialty holders that lock the card in place inside the holder to keep them from accidentally falling out. Another specialty holder has a unique half style that lets the magnetic stripe to remain exposed for easy swiping, especially for employees who need to access readers several times a day. There are even specialty holders designed as several pocket wallets with a pen compartment that are handy for trade show and conference attendees.

How are you going to wear the badges?

You have even more options when considering how badges will be worn. Do you want lanyards, badge reels, arm band holders, or a simple pin-on or magnetic badge holder? We’ll have another blog post coming up that discusses the safety issues around how badges are worn that will guide you in choosing the appropriate accessory.

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