How an ID Card Printer Can Enhance Your Customer Loyalty Program

How an ID Card Printer Can Enhance Your Customer Loyalty Program

If you’ve already realized the benefits of creating a customer loyalty program, you know that research shows you can increase customer spending between 20% to 40% by using gift and loyalty cards. That’s enough of a ROI to consider adding an ID card printer to your program, but there are many more ways that a printer can enhance your customer loyalty program. Here are a few of our favorites:

Personalize Your Customers’ Cards

When you customize your loyalty cards with your customer’s name, address, or even their picture, your employees will be able to identify customers by name. Hearing our own name is one of the most compelling ways to get someone’s attention, and when you can call your customer by name, you’re increasing their loyalty which will lead to more frequent visits.

Electronic Programs Are More Secure

Your old paper-based, punch-a-hole loyalty card isn’t a very secure way to manage your customer loyalty program. They’re easy to lose, easy to manipulate, and very hard to manage and track. When you replace your old paper customer loyalty card with a PVC card, not only is it difficult to manipulate or copy the card, but it’s easier to see in wallets, making it easier to use. PVC cards are harder to lose than a piece of paper, too.

Track Purchases

You can use encoding technologies like magnetic stripes, contact chips, or barcodes to track your customers’ purchases. The data you can gather from electronic customer loyalty systems can show you important trends and buying habits of your customers that will inform not only your future marketing campaigns, but also your inventory and pricing strategies.

Promote Your Brand

When you use an ID card printer to print your own customer loyalty cards, you design the card to promote your brand in a professional way that gets your customer’s attention. You can even use rewritable cards and change the card’s design with seasonal promotions. This lets you reissue loyalty cards based on changing benefits and promotions geared towards your customers’ preferences.

Eliminate Cash Back

If you use a paper-based gift card for customers, you usually have to give cash back when the user doesn’t purchase the full amount of the face value on the card. But when you use an electronic card, you can eliminate the practice of having to give cash back for unused balances. The card retains the balance that can be used at a future date.

Generate More Revenue

Who wouldn’t like to generate 20% to 40% more sales? You can when you institute a gift and loyalty card program. Since research shows that customers will increase their spending by 20-40% when using gift and loyalty cards, it’s a useful and inexpensive strategy to generate ongoing revenue for your business.

Final Thoughts

Most major retailers have invested in loyalty card programs and continue to do so. Purchasing an ID card printer and designing and printing your own loyalty cards is an excellent opportunity for your business to capitalize on a thriving trend without a huge investment or commitment. Really, all you need is a PC, an ID card printer, and customers.

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