Gain Speed and Security in the Workplace with Proximity Cards

Gain Speed and Security in the Workplace with Proximity Cards

When it comes to your organization, there is nothing more valuable than the safety of your employees. Regardless of what field you find yourself, employees don’t enjoy taking a back seat to the bottom line at the expense of their well-being. Nor do they enjoy being burdened by cumbersome security measures that slow down their productivity throughout the day. So if you find yourself in need of a perfect solution that balances efficiency and security then perhaps a proximity card solution is right for you. You’ve all seen them and they are most prevalent in environments like schools, hospitals and government buildings where security is a must. The employee walks by the locked door and then swipes their proximity ID card to gain access. With the flick of a wrist, the employee is on with their day while any and all unwanted persons are denied entry. The technology behind this system is fascinating and yet remarkably simple when you break it down.

The Tech of the Proximity Card

Proximity cards have the look and feel of your standard employee ID card. They can range between 0.027” thick up to 0.070” thick for clamshell ards. Each card has within it a radio antenna that sends your access information to a card reader most often situated at door locks. If your card is properly coded, the door will unlock and you are on your way. If, however, you do not have the proper access you will be denied at the door. This system works great in organizations with tiered layers of security and not every employee needs access to more restrictive locations.

Your proximity card options range from the mundane to the decorative and fashionable. Without covering them all again here, you can narrow down your decision based on your particular security and operation requirements. For many organizations jumping into the proximity card game, the HID 1326 ProxCard II offers great affordability and excellent function. This card is small enough to fit into a purse or wallet and offers universal compatibility with HID prox readers.

If you’ve got a little wiggle room in the budget, then the HID 1536 DuoProx II PET Cards offer a good bit more function. They feature a surface capable of hosting a quality graphic which makes them ideal if you want to use a photo ID system in conjunction with the proximity reader. Ideal for environments where security is paramount, you can actually embed additional layers of visual security such as holograms and ultra-violet fluorescent inks. Counterfeiting one of these cards is no easy task and as such, you can walk away with a pretty good sense of security at the end of the day.

The Security Features of the Proximity Card

So if haven’t geeked you out over the technology yet, let’s again jump back to security as that is what is at stake here. Unfortunately, we do live in a world where training staff members on active shooter scenarios is a common human resources function. They are inexplicably rare, but many organizations choose to leave nothing to chance. Proximity card systems allow you to leave all of the internal and external doors locked throughout the day if you so choose. Then, if needed and you want to shut down an employee’s access you can do so. After all, the phrase “going on lockdown” only actually means anything if you have something to lock.

If you are a school administrator or hospital administrator, then I am likely not telling you anything you don’t already know. However, from technologie companies to even breweries who like to guard their secret craft recipe, they are all jumping on board with the proximity card system. We’ve been doing this for over a decade at IDSecurityOnline and we’d love to be a part of your security solution. Before we go, let’s talk QuickShip and how we can really save a you a lot of time while adding security.

QuickShip: The One Stop Proximity Card Solution

If you are a school administrator, then you’ve got more pressing things to do rather than coordinate and code new proximity cards for employees or students. That’s why we opted to offer a full line of Proximity Cards that we lovingly refer to as QuickShip. That’s because we program your cards for you onsite and then QucikShip your cards to you within 2 business days.

You have mostly the same wide array of options to choose from here. We just take care of the fuss for you so that you carry on with efficiency and most importantly, security for those trusted under your charge. Some of the top American brands have chosen to let us take care of their proximity card solutions. The great organizations truly believe that there is nothing more valuable than their employees and they show it by prioritizing efficiency and security with proximity cards.