Fargo INK1000 Single-Sided Thermal Inkjet ID Card Printer

Fargo INK1000 Single-Sided Thermal Inkjet ID Card Printer


IDSecurityOnline regularly adds new ID card printers to ensure its customers have access to the newest, most innovative printing technology—and the best value. Card-printer manufacturers constantly improve their technology, but also strive to provide simple, basic, highly reliable options. In fact, sometimes it’s the simpler things in life (and printers) that bring the most value.

IDSecurityOnline has scrutinized the performance of the Fargo INK1000—and it’s made a great impression. If you’re searching for a reliable card printer to consistently produce quality cards—employee ID, credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public transportation passes and more—look at this winner. The Fargo INK1000 Thermal Inkjet printer offers cost-effective inkjet printing, while reducing your overall cost of ownership. It’s been engineered as the industry's first inkjet printer compatible with standard CR8030 PVC cards.

Fargo INK1000 Inkjet Advantage

The Fargo INK1000 offers exclusive inkjet card printing technology that’s easy to use, affordable, and dependable. It delivers some real advantages.

  1. Printing Capability: Single-sided
  2. Print Technology: Thermal Inkjet
  3. Print Speed: 36 seconds per card
  4. Input/Output: 100/30 cards
  5. Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty
  6. Encoding Options (HID Encoder) — Contactless card encoding (optional). The INK1000 Inkjet printer can encode contactless cards with the modular drop-in feature. The encoder is simply plugged into the back of your device to print encoded ID cards.

Unique Inkjet Printing — The HID FARGO INK1000 printer uses a single snap-in ink cartridge containing yellow, magenta, cyan solvent-based inks—the YMC ink cartridge colors are mixed to create any color—for printing full-color card designs and barcode-readable composite black. The composite black accurately reproduces even complex characters like Kanji, Arabic and Cyrillic. Its high 600 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution produces sharp, brilliant images and crisp text and barcodes. The device is also capable of printing small logos and micro-text easily legible so you can print in confidence. The INK1000 also produces true edge-to-edge printing for full-card-coverage designs (with thermal inkjet card printing, no white lines like those left by standard Direct-to-Card printers to protect their printheads are necessary).

The FARGO INK1000 features exclusively formulated Drop-on-Demand (DOD) inks that naturally adhere to standard, off-the-shelf PVC and composite cards (an industry first). These solvent inks (alcohol-based ink) not only adhere to your PVC cards, but dry almost instantaneously and are inherently UV-stable—which means images and text are better resistant to fading when compared to DTC-printed cards. Even without expensive overlay protectants. This entry-level business-class printer offers a wide color spectrum for rich, vibrant visual effects.

Ease of Use — This printer is easy to set up, use, and manage. Fargo's INK1000 ink cartridge (YMC) is easy to install—just snapping into place. You’ll no longer suffer common direct-to-card ID printer troubles like ribbon misalignment and breakage and printhead overuse. The INK1000 ID card printer is also easy to operate and requires no special training or technical expertise—just set it up and go. This inkjet printing technology eliminates the hassles of print ribbons, the need for specialized card media, and wasted ribbon panels.

Affordability — While it varies with card-design complexity, a single ink cartridge can produce hundreds more cards than print ribbons can—which means your card designs come alive for a much lower cost and with less waste. The INK1000 ID Card Printer’s exclusive inkjet printing technology eliminates the need for expensive ribbons and fragile printheads. Because the Inkjet ID card printer only uses what’s needed to print the card, unused or wasted parts of the ribbon (a common experience with traditional direct-to-card printer ribbons) are a thing of the past. Additionally, without ribbons there’s no longer a security risk created by data on old ribbons.

FARGO INK1000 is Recommended for:

FARGO INK1000 card printers can print any type of ID card to meet the demands of any business or institution. They’re widely used across all industries because they seamlessly integrate to any ID-card program. Because it’s easy-to-use, affordable and dependable, the HID FARGO INK1000 is perfect for budget-minded small- to medium-sized businesses and K-12 schools that need to print high-quality corporate and visitor badges, student and faculty IDs, or gift and loyalty cards.

From ID cards to more sophisticated badges, this printer is an ultra-reliable low-maintenance workhorse:

  1. ID Cards — Print high-quality ID cards for employees or students, to identify every person at a glance. Employee/faculty or K-12 student badging—with or without contactless door entry.
  2. Time and Attendance Badges — Track employees, visitors or students and even print a schedule on card backs. Time and attendance.
  3. Gift and Loyalty Cards — Boost sales, create value for existing customers, and attract new clients with stunning loyalty cards. Gift and loyalty stored value cards using barcodes / QR codes. QR code-based financial cards.
  4. Access Control Badges — Use the optional encoder at the point of issuance to write physical access data to the card, then track who enters and exits properties and places with access-control badges to secure the enterprise, school, building, or area.
  5. Cashless Vending / Payment Cards — Payment cards, gift cards, or IDs with cashless payment options can be printed and encoded on the spot.
  6. Membership Cards — Print sharp membership cards to offer special incentives to customers and facilitate access to secure areas.

Great Design and Low Maintenance — Compact, easy-to-use and affordable, the INK1000 is what many are calling the best single-sided-only printer, designed/ideal for reliable low-volume but essential workhorse card-printing applications in color or monochrome. Feature-packed for exceptional performance this card printer is flexible, secure, easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to manage. It’s a great solution for those with smaller budgets who want durability, convenience, great imaging, and encoding-option upgrades.

Overall, the Fargo INK1000 brings the best features of modern card printing into one highly productive unit—and adds some advanced features not seen in common card printers. These printers have great curb appeal—a masterful delivery of equal parts form and function—fitting appealingly yet unobtrusively into any office or retail/commercial/service setting. These printers are compact, lightweight, and designed to reliably issue superior-quality ID cards and badges for all users/enterprises and applications.

Fargo INK1000 Printer Warranty

The Fargo INK1000 ID card printer comes with Fargo's standard 2-year warranty. Simply by registering your printer online, however, the device warranty is automatically extended for an additional year—for a total of three years’ warranty coverage!