What to Consider When Customizing Your Lanyards

What to Consider When Customizing Your Lanyards

It might seem like an obscure piece of equipment, but organizations are doubling down on customized lanyards for the employee IDs. Most have already purchased a top notch ID Card Printer and now they are realizing the value of a customized lanyard. Beyond the obvious reasons why one should customize their lanyards, there are multiple aspects to consider. Should you pursue a break away lanyard for safety? What type of materials do you want to use and with what end fitting? However, there are some broader themes to research before you make a final decision. Namely, what do you want to say about your brand both to your employees and to your customers? Customization is where style and function come together to create a platform that will be with every employee all day long. So let’s talk about what really to consider when customizing your lanyards.

Choose a Lanyard that Fits Function and Style

The first thing you have to decide when choosing a customized lanyard is exactly how many of them you want. As with most products, the price typically drops substantially with bulk orders. However, with bulk orders comes the risk of wasting money on a product that doesn’t fit your need. So before you order 1 million lanyards, let’s talk about what you can customize.

First you want to make a style choice. Decide how you might want any graphics or messaging printed on the lanyard. Silk-screen is the most popular and allows you to print with up to 3 colors. If you are really set on a piece of intricate artwork on your lanyard most find the dye-sublimation process offers better detail and color options. Or you can chose woven-in where the design is actually knitted together with intricate detail.

Next you can choose your lanyard width, color and even the style of end fitting. Most of our clients who have to wear the lanyard all day long find a little more comfort with a wider lanyard. Then, the color is really a choice of style and aesthetics. However, most customers tie it in to their brand design and logo. Then, whether a bulldog clip, hook or metal split ring works best is up to you. Although, if safety is paramount then you might want to consider a breakaway option. These are great for schools, hospitals or even many industrial jobs where having your lanyard caught and pulled is a real threat. Finally, let’s talk about something that is often overlooked.


A Unique Message for a Unique Lanyard Win

It is entirely possible your organization spent thousands and thousands of dollars to come up with that name brand and logo so let’s not leave it out. Organizations will have this messaging and branding all over their building, so why not include it on your lanyards that employees wear every day. If you work with children and your mantra is “kids needs come first, always” then why not print that on the lanyard.

The lanyard presents a unique opportunity to communicate with both your employees and those outside the organization.  Many organizations have actually created multiple options for employees to choose from that still offers the same brand consistency while allowing a little bit of personalization. It’s a small choice, but one that can speak volumes about your organization. Your standard black cookie cutter lanyard will get the job done. A little branding pizazz gets the job done and then some.

When you consider the total investment of printing your own IDs or even if you have others print them, investing a buck or two into creating a unique lanyard for your organization is an easy call. Yes, you can go with your standard lanyard and they certainly do the job just fine. It is all high-quality production on which you can rely. We just do this enough here at IDSecurityOnline that we see the joy and power a little personalized messaging has on an organization’s culture. So there you have it. Everything you need to decide how you want to customize your lanyard.