COVID-19 Has Transformed Everyday Jobs into a Life or Death Matter

COVID-19 Has Transformed Everyday Jobs into a Life or Death Matter

That is perhaps a headline that we never thought that we would have to create here at IDSecurityOnline, but alas, here we are. So much of the work we have done over the past 20 years has revolved around keeping unwanted and authorized persons out of places where they should not be. Now, our foe has gone microscopic and the top notch ID security system alone simply will not suffice. Fortunately for you, we do not give up so easily. We certainly understand the places like hospitals are on the front lines of this battle. So we have jumped to help them with products and labeling to help them stay safe. Hospitals may be on the frontlines, but the nature of this enemy means that groceries stores, gas stations, warehouses, and every workplace in America where two or more shall gather are now on the same battlefield. Sadly, it is true that the average work routine has become a life or death matter, but we will focus on the life part from here on forward. So if we have your permission, we would like to share a few tools to help you win the fight against COVID-19.

Identity Security is COVID-19 Security

Despite the rapid changes in workplace safety as a result of the virus, the one principle that continues to hold true is that only authorized persons should be able access the workplace. The slight qualifier that is not in place is that one’s health is a determining factor for that authorization. That’s why we have developed an array of wristbands in our COVID-19 Emergency Response Product line. This lets you know who has been screened and in combination with their ID, you can have confidence that only the right personnel are in the area.

You can have them pre-printed like these Short Stay Tyvek Bands or you can choose the blank write-on option that allows you to customize your message. The good news is that whichever option you choose, the priced to a point that bulk ordering is a budget friendly process. There are certain programs and industries where a mistake or lapse in workplace safety would be terribly unforgiving. We know about hospitals, but programs serving seniors like Meals on Wheels program or Home Care agencies must know with 100% certainty that those interacting with seniors have been screened for health concerns. There is no room for a mistake and that’s exactly why these supplies are vital.

Information is Vital to the Safety of the Workplace      

If your business was continuing to operate during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, then you know just how hard it was to come by solid and up to date information. The crisis seemed to evolve nearly on the hour and many workers found themselves at a loss. Prior to COVID, we know that proper workplace signage is an effective tool for keeping employees safe. So in that light, we developed labels that offer quick and to the point precautions to consider in the COVID-19 era. While they are healthcare oriented, they can find use in any workplace.

The first one is a Droplet Precaution Label. This one highlights the steps one should take on top of universal and standard precautions to protect against droplets. Again, perhaps most applicable in a healthcare setting. However, humans project droplets wherever they may speak. We also have an additional Contact Precautions Label that has additional steps specifically for healthcare settings. These are the steps recommended by the CDC. Finally, we offer additional labels such as Biohazard Warnings and Isolation Labels as well.

Stay Safe America   

At the end of the day, every job in America is an essential element to our thriving economy. Those who are not working now will be returning soon and we want to do our part to keep the great American workforce safe. We still have our elite ID Security Systems available to you throughout this crisis. Now, we’ve just adapted to tackle this unseen enemy. Stay safe America and please do not hesitate to reach out to us during this time if we can be of help. Thank you to all of our frontline healthcare workers and thank you to all the workers who will get our economy going again.