ValCam Camera Zoom 9500-628 HD+

Item#: 9500-628
Manufacturer: ValCam
Retail Price: $1795.00
Sale Price: $1095.00 ( Save: $700.00 )


The ValCam 9500-628 HD+ uses the finest optics available providing a 30-1 zoom ratio and unparalleled low light performance providing excellent results in the most unforgiving environments.

The increased resolution of the HD+ mimics the performance of digital SLR cameras for high-quality prints without restrictive zoom requirements This increase in operational speed allows for a faster subject throughput. The HD+ offers resolution and cropping control to match the photo field of your ID design. On screen preview allows What You See Is What You Get.

The HD+ has a built-in high powered Xenon flash to deliver consistent captures in any environment. Flash intensity is software controlled for easy and optimal illumination at various subject distances. Software options allow for extensive color balancing and quality adjustments. 


12 month guarantee on all Valcam systems

  1. Full HD resolution for 6X the resolution of the older 9000.
  2. 30X 1 optical zoom
  3. Highest Video Quality, even in completely dark rooms
  4. Integrated Photo-Flash
  5. Similar software interface of the 9000
  6. Compatibility same applications of the 9000

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