Evolis Edikio Access Card Solution

  • Edikio Guest Access is an all-in-one solution for customizing and printing monochrome labels and cards used in the hospitality market.
  • Edikio Price Tag Access is an all-in-one solution to print great-looking price tags on plastic cards. It is ideal for printing monochrome, single-sided tags in low volumes.


Use Edikio Guest solutions to create any type of personalized badge, label or tag hospitality enterprises need. See return on your investment in record time while improving the customer experience.

  1. Event cards
  2. VIP cards
  3. Room access cards
  4. Service access cards
  5. Price tags for your stores/food service
  6. Luggage tags
  7. Staff badges
  8. Personalized food tags/labels


The Evolis Edikio Access ID Card Printer is feature-packed for unsurpassed performance and the highest printing resolution available:

  1. Single-sided printing.
  2. Affordable, standard resolution 260 x 300 dpi printing (in 16 million colors) for superior text and image quality.
  3. Near-to-edge printing (margin of 1.4mm)
  4. Printing Mode
    1. Color sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer printing for premium print quality.
    2. 16 MB RAMCard management and specifications.
    3. Feeder/Hopper capacity: 25 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)/40 cards (0.5 mm – 20 mil).
    4. Card thickness: 0.5 to 0.76 mm (20 to 30 mil), no adjustment gauge.
    5. Card types: PVC cards.
    6. Card format: ISO CR80 – ISO 7810 (53.98 mm x 85.60 mm)
  1. Print Ribbons — Easy-to-load high-capacity print ribbons maximize the quality and lifetime of printed cards, the service life of print head and overall reliability of the printer. Ribbon inserted in a cartridge for easier handling.
  2. Great Flexibility — Fastest card printer on the market with 215 monochrome cards per hour (YMC with transfer).
    1. Create cards when and as needed direct from the comfort of your desk. In just 15 seconds, create new cards listing your new food or merchandise items, or change card details to suit customer groups served.
  1. Notifications— User-friendly LED control panel / display with easy-to-follow prompts for instant printer status, graphical printer notifications (feeder empty, ribbon warnings, etc.). Through visual notifications on the computer, Edikio Printer Manager provides information about the printer, and alerts you when your attention is required.
  2. Custom Software — Includes Edikio Printer Suite® software for Windows: supporting custom creation of your price tags and display labels, which permit aesthetic design capabilities and tag layouts to support high clarity in messaging, and provides card model, language, company logo, and icon options depending on point-of-sale needs.
    1. Clear Comprehensive Information — Provide all the clear details guests need to make quick and informed selections. Easily add product names, ingredients and allergens—in several different languages.
    2. Sturdy and easy to keep clean, PVC cards are ideal for presentations in food service operations.
    3. Choose from several formats to ensure presentation-item details are easy to read and understand.
    4. Custom food and presentation tags with uniform designs improve hygiene and increase the attractiveness of hospitality presentations (from food buffets to merchandise).
    5. Strengthen Brand — Customize tags/labels with company logos and other graphic components for a highly professional appearance—to strengthen your brand.
    6. Easily manage, search, and sort products and product categories.
    7. Print tags in just a few clicks.
    8. Customize price tags with text, pictograms, barcodes, geometric shapes, images, etc.
    9. Offers special content designed for hospitality enterprises: sample databases, card templates and images relevant to your activity—including a library of over 350 images, sample item lists, and tag layouts for retail.
  1. The Evolis Edikio Access is backed by a one-year warranty on printer and lifetime no-quibble printhead coverage, competitive with any warranty in the industry.
  2. Ports/connectivity — Recognizes USB 2.0 (1.1 and 3.0 compatible).
  3. Online upgrades.
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Top brands trust us