Breakaway Lanyards

A breakaway release on a lanyard is an added safety feature. Safety clips break open automatically if enough pressure is applied. If a lanyard is caught in a piece of machinery, the breakaway releases and prevents injury to the wearer.  Breakaway lanyards are highly recommended for all industries. They are also a good option for school children who may easily catch a lanyard on a piece of playground equipment.  Breakaway lanyards also offer ease of use to a wearer as they are attached to a necklace and do not have to be put on over the head.   

SKU: 2137-20XX
Per Pack: 100
Retail Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $48.33
SKU: 2138-362
Per Pack: 100
Sale Price: $88.33
SKU: 2138-528
Per Pack: 100
Sale Price: $105.00
SKU: 2138-70XX
Per Pack: 100
Sale Price: $161.67
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