IDP Wise CXD80 ID Card Printers


The IDP Wise CXD80 Retransfer ID card printer is a reliable solution to print highly-secure cards and badges on the spot.

Retransfer technology guarantees over-the-edge printing for superior print quality and maximum card security.

With up to 40 seconds per card (YMCK), the IDP Wise CXD80 Retransfer printer will issue all your cards fast. Build the printer that you need with a single or dual sided printing module. Add a laminator to create secure cards and reduce the risk of counterfeiting and tampering.

Optional advanced capabilities include Magnetic and Smart encoding, and Ethernet connectivity. The IDP Wise CXD80 Retransfer ID card printer features a 2-year warranty.  

Reliable and affordable, the Wise CXD80 is the perfect choice to produce stunning badges for less!

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IDP Smart-81 ID Card Printers

IDP Smart-81 ID Card Printer is a new generation retransfer card printer that offers the fastest production speed in the industry. IDP's innovative retransfer heating technology-Rapid Retransfer Printing technology or "RRP" provides the fastest "Ready to Print" metric in the industry.

  • Innovative Retransfer Head Heating Control 
  • Glossy, Superior high resolution - 300,600 dpi high definition printing
  • Internal Flipper Mechanism
  • Stress-free and intelligent Anti-dust circulation
  • Complies with international Banking Instant Issuance Security Standards

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Top brands trust us