Magicard Ultima ID Card Printers


Photo-quality over-the-edge retransfer printing

Unlike the standard dye sublimation process, your card design is first printed on a clear film; that film is then adhered to the card surface. This process gives you a higher definition print quality and allows you to print successfully even on smart cards with uneven surfaces. It also gives you additional card durability and tamper-resistance so the cards will last longer.

Replacement Model
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Magicard Prima 8 ID Card Printers

High-volume photo quality printing

Are you looking for a high-quality retransfer printer to issue highly secure badges? Look no further than the Magicard Prima 8 printer! With a 3-year warranty and many security features, the Prima 8 will help you issue professional edge-to-edge badges in seconds. The printer is available in 300dpi and 600dpi models. You can also add a card lamination module to your printer to add an extra layer of security to your cards.

Top brands trust us:
Top brands trust us