Slotted non-expiring badge (handwritten) with printed "VISITOR"

Item#: 05568
Manufacturer: Brady
Per Pack: 1000
Sale Price: $122.00
  • Non-expiring badge made of durable cardstock
  • Convenient slot allows for easy attachment with a clip
  • Badge features a printed "VISITOR" header

This TEMPbadge™ non-expiring badge is perfect for laboratories, office buildings and other locations where long-term guests are frequent. Because this badge doesn't expire, it can be used multiple times, allowing a frequent guest to return without requiring a new badge.

This badge features a convenient slot that allows it to be easily attached to the wearer using a plastic clip or a strap clip. Made of durable cardstock, this badge won't need protection in a badge holder to stand up to daily use. No printer is required either: simply use a pen, pencil or marker to write a visitor's information and issue the badge.

The badge offers a pre-printed "VISITOR" header, making it an excellent role-recognition solution: different printed headers can be issued to different guests, enabling people on-site to determine why a visitor is on location.


  • Type: Non-expiring
  • Badge Part: Full badge
  • No. of Pieces: Single-piece
  • Personalization type: Handwritten
  • Size: 3" x 3" (77 mm x 77 mm)
  • Attachment Type: Clip-on
  • Packaging: 1,000 fan-folded badges
  • Role Recognition: Yes
  • Printed Title Header: Yes

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