Large Slotted Expiring Badge Back with Printed Green Bar

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Item#: T5905A.
Manufacturer: Brady
Per Pack: 1000
Sale Price: $57.09
More Options: T5905AL, T5905A
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Complete your expiring visitor badge solution with these universal badge backs.

Please note:

  • Manual FRONTpart Expiring Timebadges (T6103) fit only 3" x 3" badges
  • Large FRONTpart Expiring Timebadges (T6151L) fit only 3" x 4" badges

This badge back requires a half-day or one-day badge front clip-on for use. Combine the front and back to activate the expiration, and the badge will show as expired after either a half day or full day (12-14 hours). This badge back is slotted, meaning it requires a card clip or attachment of some kind for use. The badge back features a green bar and is available in additional colors, allowing you to use different colors to identify different types of guest.


  • Type: Expiring
  • Badge Part: Badge back
  • No. of Pieces: Two-piece
  • Time Frame: Half day/1 day
  • Size: 3" x 3" or 3" x 4"
  • Attachment Type: Clip-on
  • Weight: 0.004
  • Packaging: Fan folded
  • Color Bar: Yes
  • Printed Title Header: Yes
  • Oversized: Yes

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