[DISCONTINUED BY IDP] IDP WISE CXD80 Clear Patch film - 600 images

Item#: 670115
Manufacturer: IDP
310.00 Retail Price: $310.00
For use with: Wise-CXD80


IDP IDP Wise Clear Patch film, 600 images, provides a clear overlaminate layer of protection over your ID cards for long-lasting performance. This layer makes your ID cards more durable and eliminates the wear and tear other cards take, while protecting your cards from fraud. 

IDP card printers require a specialized IDP brand overlaminate. Be sure to use only the IDP Wise Clear Patch film, 600 images, for your best ID card quality.


  • Clear overlaminate
  • 1.0 mil thick
  • 250 clear laminate patches
  • Use with WISE CXD80 Retransfer Printer + Laminator

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