Evolis UltraClean Cleaning Kit

Item#: A5021
Manufacturer: Evolis
Retail Price: $24.00


The Evolis A5021 UltraClean Cleaning kit includes everything you need to keep your ID card printer running great and your cards looking excellent.Included in this kit are 5 pre-saturated cleaning cards, 5 swabs, and 10 individually-wrapped and pre-saturated cleaning cloths.Over time dust and other small debris gets inside your printer and can shorten the life of your printhead and cause general wear and tare.By keeping your printer clean you ensure yourID cards look great and your ID card printer runs trouble free.Cleaning your ID card printer with this cleaning kit is hassle free and one of the easiest things you can do to take care of your ID card printer. For use with all Evolis printers.


  • Manufacturer and Item# Evolis A5021
  • 5 pre-saturated cleaning cards
  • 5 swabs
  • 10 individually-wrapped and pre-saturated cleaning cloths
  • For use with all Evolis printers

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