Item#: EL-96000-SVM10
Manufacturer: HID
Sale Price: $373146.00

HID Global’s EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) software provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, badge printing, as well as tracking and reporting of visitors, contractors, and employees. The system also provides tracking and reporting for assets and packages. The system also provides tracking and reporting for assets, packages, and lost and found items.

EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software is the ideal solution for processing visitors — including scanning an ID, record creation, issuing a secured credential or printed badge, check-in and check-out, and watch list screening. In addition, EasyLobby SVM™ offers multiple, programmable security alerts delivering critical notifications on-screen or through email.

EasyLobby SVM software is flexible, easy to install, learn, and use, and can quickly scale to a network of hundreds of stations, all running on a central database.


User Security Levels

Five pre-configured security levels of users: Novice, Operator, Manager, Site Administrator and Enterprise Administrator, plus the ability to customize additional levels.

User Defined Fields

  • 24 total for Visitor form, customizable as a check box, drop-down menu, text field or date
  • 12 for Employee form
  • 6 for Assets
  • 6 for Packages

Visitor Field Configurations

Fields on the Visitor Log can be set to:

Enabled/Disabled: Enabled allows the user to enter information into the field. Disabled prevents the user from entering information by graying out the field.

Required/Not Required: Required fields are marked with an asterisk for the visitor to complete before being checked in.

In Grid: Shows or hides a field from the grid view.

License: Determines the information that is pulled from the driver’s license and scanned into the visitor log.

Business Card: Determines the information that is pulled from the business card and scanned into the visitor log.

Alert Options

Visitor Check-In, Package Check-In, Watch List Alert, Expired Badges, Panic Message, Current Visitor, Maximum Visitor, Frequent Visitor, Time-Based

Hardware Device Options

EasyLobby SVM supports the following hardware devices:

  • Acuant R3 ID Scanner
  • SnapShell Passport/ID Scanner
  • Assure Tec ARH Combo Smart Passport/ID Scanner (Authentication option available)
  • Assure Tec ID-150 ID Scanner (Authentication option available)
  • Intellicheck IM2000 ID Scanner/Authenticator
  • M2Sys EasyScan and Palm Biometric Scanners
  • ID Tech MagStripe Reader
  • Metrologic 9520 USB Barcode Scanner
  • RFIdeas PC Prox Reader
  • Topaz Signature pads

Languages Supported

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German for full application

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