Badge Buddies "MEDIC" 1350-2145
Badge Buddies "MEDIC" 1350-2146

Badge Buddies "MEDIC"

Item#: 1350-21MED
Manufacturer: Brady
Per Pack: 25
Retail Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $34.17 ( Save: $5.83 )

Badge Buddies are TeslinĀ® role-recognition cards. They are the perfect role-recognition cards for hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities of all kinds.

Each Badge Buddy features a large area of color and a worker's title printed in clear, bold text. This Badge Buddy features a black color area and ""MEDIC"" text, making it a great Badge Buddy for the medics at healthcare facilities.

Badge Buddies attach to an existing ID badge or card with a strap clip or lanyard: simply place the ID badge on top of the Badge Buddy and slide the strap clip or lanyard through the slot to create a full solution. This Badge Buddy is intended for use with horizontal ID cards.

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