2-Hole Strap Clip 2105-2011
2-Hole Strap Clip 2105-3250
2-Hole Strap Clip 505-SDL5
2-Hole Strap Clip 505-SDL
2-Hole Strap Clip 505-SDN

2-Hole Strap Clip

Item#: 505-21XX
Manufacturer: Brady
Per Pack: 100
Sale Price: $13.33

Brady Vinyl Strap Clip is a type of ID badge holder or badge clip that is commonly used to display ID cards or badges. It consists of a clear vinyl strap that is attached to a metal clip. The vinyl strap is used to loop around the holes in an ID card or badge, while the metal clip is used to attach the holder to a garment such as a shirt or jacket.

The Brady Vinyl Strap Clip is often used in workplaces, schools, conferences, and other events where identification is required. It provides a simple and convenient way to display ID cards or badges without damaging the card or the garment.

Material: Vinyl

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