2.3" x 4.25" S-Series Anti-Print Transfer Proximity Card Holder

Item#: 504-NCSJ
Manufacturer: Brady
Per Pack: 100
Sale Price: $56.67


These vinyl S-Series proximity card holders are made with an anti-print transfer material that prevents ID imprint from sticking to holder in extreme temperatures. For added security they feature a lock-in slot that goes through front and back of holder so ID "locks" in place when badge strap is inserted.

Design Type Flexible
Layout Vertical
Thickness 0.040" (1 mm)
Size Mid-sized
Material Vinyl
Capacity Single-card
Dimensions Outside 3.46" x 4.42" (88 mm x 112 mm)
Dimensions Insert 2.30" x 4.25" (58 mm x 108 mm)
Extraction Type Manual
Attachment Slot
Color Clear
Anti-print transfer Yes
Load Type Top Load
Outer Carton 1 EA = 1 EA
Packaged In Carton
Package description Carton, 43x28x21cm
  • Lock-in slot keeps ID extra secure
  • ID won't stick to holder
  • Vertical top-load format

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