1-Day "Stop Sign" Badge Back with Spot Expiration

Item#: 05864
Manufacturer: Brady
Per Pack: 1000
Sale Price: $39.62

This thermal-printable badge back features a stop sign spot expiration area. It's designed for use with the DYMO┬« 30911 label printer. The badge back is white and features a slot for easy attachment. 

To use this solution, apply the plain adhesive spot to the badge's expiration area; after a day's use, the STOP expiration indicator will appear.

All rolls are sealed in a black poly bag to protect the sensitive material from damage in shipping and storage.

  • Type: Expiring
  • Badge Part: Full badge
  • No. of Pieces: Two-piece
  • Time Frame: 1 Day
  • Personalization type: Thermal printable
  • Size: 4" x 2.25"
  • Attachment Type: Adhesive

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