IDSecurityOnline Conquers Security Concerns For Clarksville Independent School District

IDSecurityOnline Conquers Security Concerns For Clarksville Independent School District

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Conquering Security Concerns

In order for children to prosper in school and reach their aspirations and goals, they need to not only stay focused in class, but also feel safe in their environment. The overall security of any given educational institution can be the difference whether a student succeeds or fails. By having an access control system in place along with an ID badge printing solution, the Clarksville ISD schools can operate at an optimal level by providing the peace of mind needed so that teachers and staff can focus on what really matters, the education of its students.

Together, both the Clarksville ISD and IDSecurityOnline conquered the security concerns the district had by providing the district with an ID badge printer that is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the access control system in place. Providing a way to track where employees are entering and exiting and who has the proper credentials to gain access throughout the campus is one of the most important benefits of having an integrated ID Badge solution and access control system in place. It also provides parents peace of mind, knowing their child will be educated in a safe and secure educational institution. 


Clarksville is a small city located in the big state of Texas. A lost historical gem, Clarksville is actually one of the oldest cities in Texas and is even older than the state of Texas itself. It came into fruition in 1833 when it was founded by James Clark, but was already an established settlement in the 1820s. The courthouse holds records dating back to the beginning of the Republic until now. Being a community that has an abundance of rich and colorful history in its roots, Clarksville is the perfect place for parents to send their children to school. With approximately 530 students throughout the district comprising of 280 students enrolled at the Cheatham Elementary School, 250 at the Clarksville Middle/High School, class sizes are small allowing students to get the best educational experience available to them.

The mission of the Clarksville Independent School District (Clarksville ISD) is to develop lifelong learners who become productive citizens in an ever-changing global society. Together, with the help of individual volunteers and business partners, the men and women of Clarksville ISD work daily to enrich the community by encouraging the dreams and ambitions of its students. In 2004, the city had received several grants to make needed enhancements and improvements to its community. As the years went by, the school district was also in need of some improvements to assure the security of its employees and students. The three schools were equipped with access control systems, but now needed a more efficient way to print ID badges that would also work as access control badges with the card readers currently in place.

The Clarksville ISD believes that leadership is the responsibility of all stakeholders within the district and teamwork will achieve common goals through respect, trust, and encouragement. The school also believes that every stakeholder is accountable and responsible for students becoming productive citizens and together Clarksville ISD and the community strive to meet each child’s goal of educational excellence. With the increase of on-campus violence in recent years, having a security system in place at an educational institution is crucial. The Clarksville ISD wanted a way to secure all of its schools within the district to prevent any emergency situation such as unlawful intrusion from happening and hindering the learning environment of its students. The school district had installed an access control system in each of its three schools. With proximity card readers at each door and entrances to the schools to allow those with proper credentials to gain access both into the school as well as designated areas within, the Clarksville ISD needed an ID badge solution that would work seamlessly with the existing access control system.


After thoughtful consideration, the Clarksville ISD decided that the best course of action was to have their own ID badge printer system to effortlessly provide ID badges for all employees at all three schools. Both Howard Taylor, Director of Technology for Clarksville ISD and Shannon Carson, Administrative Assistant for the district did some research to find the right provider. Another school district in one of the neighboring areas had told them that they had purchased an ID badge printer from IDSecurityOnline and recommended them to the Clarksville ISD.

IDSecurityOnline is a leading provider of ID card printers, photo ID systems, ID card software, and card printer supplies. Customers come to IDSecurityOnline for ID card solutions because they want to reduce security threats and protect themselves from unlawful intrusion and security breaches. So when Clarksville ISD contacted IDSecurityOnline to purchase a printer and ribbons, they immediately got connected to an ID badge expert who was eager to help them.

Howard Taylor and Shannon Carson purchased IDSecurityOnline’s ZXP Series 3 ID Card Printer along with software and supplies. After installing the printer software and setting up the ZXP Series 3 printer, the administrative department printed approximately 100 cards for all faculty members and staff. The printer is also used to personalize student badges on an annual basis. The implementation of the new ID badge solution was monumental because of the ease of use with a fully automated process of printing ID badges - meaning the department does not have to manually enter names and print ID Badges. All information is entered into a master database making it a quick and efficient process. The faculty or staff member first and last names, the district logo, employee headshot, campus and title are printed on the ID badges along with the required barcodes.

“We are so pleased with the functionality that IDSecurityOnline’s ZXP Series 3 Printer has provided us. It is simple to operate while having low maintenance costs,” states Howard Taylor, Director of Technology. “We never had a problem when working with IDSecurityOnline and quickly found out that they provide impeccable customer service and they work swiftly to deliver what is needed, whether it be answering a question or to purchase supplies.” states Shannon Carson, Administrative Assistant. With the use of the ZXP Series 3 printer along with irreplaceable customer service provided by IDSecurityOnline, the Clarksville ISD has stepped up their security efforts in place at their three schools in order to provide an ultimately safer educational institution to its students and faculty.