Improve Security and Cut Costs with Expiring Visitor Badges

Knowing exactly how long a visitor has spent inside your establishment is a key addition to safety precautions in today's climate. Using expiring visitor badges is a quick and easy way to add an extra security level to your operations. They are a helpful visual aid that allows you to see if someone is currently permitted access.

How do they work?

Expiring visitor badges develop a visual indicator after a certain amount of time. That allows you to check access permission instantly. For example, if a visitor is coming to your establishment for a morning meeting, you can give them an expiring visitor badge that has a half-day expiration. That will ensure they are only staying on-site for as long as is necessary.

Spot Trespassers Easily

The technology works by causing the badge to change color or a spot or pattern to develop when access rights have expired. Typically, a red color appears, often displaying a large "VOID" lettering. The color develops over time.

You are then able to see when someone is nearing the end of their allocated time. That feature will also deter previous visitors from attempting to regain access to the premises. The easy to see pattern or markings acts as a deterrent, as they would be immediately detected.

The Benefits of using expiring visitor badges

  • The change of color prevents reuse of the badge
  • They show you if a visitor has adequately signed in
  • A simple visual aid in determining someone's access
  • An affordable way to track visitors
  • Streamline your security processes through using technology

Save Money on Staffing

Expiring visitor badges don't need any special training to use. They are easy to activate, maintain, and manage. The badges take on the job of another human being. You can, therefore, save on staffing costs due to visitors being conveniently tracked. The passes are single-use, meaning you can dispose of them at the end of the day.

We offer a range of visitor badges. Choose from differing expiration times, including half-day, one day, and one week.

Expiring visitor badges come in a large number of formats

  • Cards for lanyards
  • Adhesive badges
  • Printable badges
  • School visitor badges

Visitor badges that expire are one of the optimal ways to improve the security of your business. By merely looking at someone, you can tell if they have authorized access or not. It is a perfect way to identify visitors and is incredibly simple to implement.

Why Non-Expiring Visitor Badges Are Beneficial For Your Business

Visitor badges are a must-have for all businesses. Using visitor badges that do not expire increases security. They make it easy to identify visitors who are and are not permitted access to the premises.

They’re effective yet cheap and easy to implement.

Visitor badges that do not expire are a versatile option. They are easy to customize and use, whether you choose to go for a single-use or reusable option.

A Helpful Addition for Security

Non-expiring visitor badges allow your security staff to spot trespassers quickly. Also, where visitors have access, and how long they have permission to be in the building. That will protect the sensitive information that you have stored on site.

Increase Staff Safety

Implementing a visitor badge program will increase overall staff safety. Regular staff members can easily see if an individual is permitted to be on the premises. For example,  if someone looks suspicious, staff can quickly tell if they currently have permission to be on site.

Give Your Staff Confidence

Visitor badges establish a sense of confidence in your staff. For example, if someone is wearing a thermal-printable clip-on badge, their details, including name, title, and who they represent, are visible. That allows for seamless relationship building amongst employees and visitors, an essential addition to any business!

You can make your visitor passes as specific or vague as you wish. It is a good idea to have a minimum of the name of the visitor on the badge. That will allow them to be easily identified by security staff at all times.

The information included on a non-expiring visitor badge

  • Name of the visitor
  • Date of their visit
  • Issue and expiry date
  • Visitors company name
  • Type of visitor

Improve Branding Through Customization

Non-expiring visitor badges increase the professionalism of your company. They improve branding, as you can customize the badge to suit your company, for example, by printing your logo on to your thermal-printable badges if that is your preference.

To summarize, there are many benefits of non-expiring visitor badges.
The most prominent being:

  • Increasing security for your staff and everyone on site
  • Opportunity for reusable badges
  • Adding to the professionalism of your company
  • Making it easy to see when a visitor has permission to be onsite
  • Making it easy to spot when someone is trespassing
  • Encouraging relationships between staff and visitors

Implementing the use of non-expiring visitor badges is a surefire way to achieve safety and confidence for your staff. They are easy to use and come in many different forms that you can pick from depending on your requirements.