Mueller Reports: IDSecurityOnline Keeps Information Flowing and Employees Safe With Photo ID Card Solutions

Mueller Reports: IDSecurityOnline Keeps Information Flowing and Employees Safe With Photo ID Card Solutions

The story

The Advantages

Mueller Reports benefited significantly from utilizing IDSecurityOnline’s ID card solutions. Their customers could now feel at ease when meeting with a Mueller sales representative due to the dual ID Cards worn by each outside field representative. Not only did customers have a new sense of security but they can identify their rep anywhere around the nation without having to call the main office for verification.

The Buffalo facility operated more efficiently with access given only to Mueller employees. Non-employees were not permitted to enter the building, which limited the threat of unauthorized individuals getting their hands on private information and reports.

Mueller quickly grew their staff to include Quality Insurance, Business Development, Trainers, Field Representatives, Marketing, Information Technology, Accounting, and Human Resources. By having the ability to print badges internally, they could make ID Cards quickly for new employees and keep expanding the organization to exceed over 1,000 employees.

“IDSecurityOnline is committed to supplying the best ID card solutions to offer maximum security to all our customers.” says   IDSecurityOnline’s CEO. “It is a pleasure working with Mueller Reports and we are honored to be their ID card solutions provider. We know how important it is to identify employees with durable, secure badges and we will continue to answer all their needs to keep everyone safe.”

Keeping Up With Employees Around The Nation

IDSecurityOnline continues to help Mueller Services keep operations flowing smoothly throughout the United States with the latest ID Card Solutions. The future of the company looks bright and with IDSecurityOnline on their team, the company can continue to expand and add employees to the roster without having to compromise security.


Mueller Reports provides data collection and business intelligence solutions for insurance carriers and financial institutions.

The company is known for providing the most accurate, dependable and versatile data collections products in the industry. Mueller offers on-site surveys for residential and commercial line risks as well as telephone, mail and web-response evaluations.

With field representatives, managers, and trainers in 52 States, the main challenge Mueller Reports faced was having customers easily identify them as Mueller employees when on the road.The ability to limit who had access to the main headquarters in Buffalo to employees only was also imperative.

Mueller needed to find a solution that would help keep their employees and information safe and secure.


For the last four years, Mueller Services has being working with and can print all badges internally for their wide-range of employees. The relationship began when Mueller’s IT Manager purchased a Tattoo2 ID Badge Printer and recommended using for all their ID Cards. “Due to the wide array of employees we have on staff throughout the nation, it was important for us to find an ID Card company who could keep up with our expansion throughout 52 States.” says Tanya L. Petrea, Logistics Coordinator at Mueller Reports. Mueller has thousands of employees and has purchased badges for each employee from IDSecurityOnline. “We were lucky to find IDSecurityOnline who has proven to be extremely knowledgeable on badge printers and can quickly get us thousands of ID cards – eliminating any downtime for our company” states Petrea.

As an added safety measure, field representatives are given two badges to wear so customers can easily recognize them. Each badge contains the person’s name, company, and photo. Customers can now quickly recognize a Mueller employee anywhere in the nation and time-sensitive information can continue to flow freely without any delays.

It was important to Mueller to make sure that customers felt comfortable and at ease when meeting with Mueller’s professionals on the road. Employees are required to wear their ID card at all times while on the job. The cards are presented upon entrance into the Buffalo facility and the identity of each employee is checked. “IDSecurityOnline has been a pleasure to work with over the last four years. Since we have employees in 52 States, it is important to get badges quickly when we hire a new employee. IDSecurityOnline has made the process of ordering employee ID cards seamless and we look forward to working with them in the future.” states Tanya L. Petrea, Logistics Coordinator at Mueller Reports.