IDSecurityOnline Provides Custom ID Cards To Improve Security For New Yorkers On The Move

IDSecurityOnline Provides Custom ID Cards To Improve Security For New Yorkers On The Move

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The Advantages

In just a few short months, Valet Anywhere has realized considerable benefits from utilizing’s ID cards. Customers now feel at ease when their car is picked up and can quickly get the driver’s name and ID number for reference.

In addition, giving clear identification to all drivers has enabled the company to dramatically reduce the amount of time required to secure new customers by easily explaining the security process upfront to new potential customers. The management team also has ID Badges on-hand in case they have to take over for a driver or if additional drivers are needed during their busy season.

Ready for Expansion

Future plans include implementing a similar solution at their corporate office where all 50 employees would need to show ID cards to enter the building or gain access to restricted areas. As the company is revolutionizing the parking industry by bringing the best parking experience at a competitive price, plans on being with the company every step of the way as it expands and continues to steer down the road of success.

ID Security Online is a leading retailer of ID card solutions, including ID card printers, photo ID systems, supplies and badge accessories.

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Valet Anywhere provides On Demand Valet Services throughout the New York City area for New Yorkers who are on the move. The company provides secure car parking in various NYC parking garages.

Customers can simply select their destination through the company’s website or app to request a valet to pick up their car at a specific location. The valet will head to their destination and pick up their car for parking and return at the requested time and location. The current introductory price for NYC is $6 an hour with maximum day rate of $42, which includes parking, valet fee, and taxes.

Valet Anywhere was looking for an ID card solution to help customers identify and verify the drivers immediately and confirm that the right person is picking up their vehicle,  thus preventing theft and misplacement of customers’ vehicles. “We have more than 25 valet drivers on staff and handle so many valuable vehicles that we wanted to be able to give our customers peace of mind and make them feel safe and secure with proper identification for all our drivers.” says Eric Delancey, Manhattan Operational Manager, Valet Anywhere.

“After searching for a local ID card company, we were happy to find in our backyard. Together we developed a solution to give our drivers an ID Badge that includes our company colors – white and purple, company logo, driver’s name, and employee ID number; This solution allows us to operate more efficiently and improve safety.” says Delancey. 


Valet Anywhere was founded in January 2014 and quickly learned that the biggest challenge was making their customers feel safe and secure when leaving their car in the hands of a stranger. In August 2014, Valet Anywhere worked with IDSecurityOnline to implement the right ID solution that would help eliminate fear in customers by immediately being able to verify the identity of the driver upon pick-up. They sent their card design to and got high-quality ID cards printed in record time.

“’s turnaround time on getting us the ID Badges was extremely quick and detail oriented. I liked the fact that they treated me more than a customer and like a family member.” states Eric Delancey. “Using its NYC facility for our test runs really showed us the importance of making our customers feel secure with our parking services. We wanted to make this a seamless experience where any feelings of doubt where quickly diminished with proper ID Badges worn by all our drivers and our management team.”

For, it was all about delivering the right ID solution in a timely manner. “ is happy to deliver ID card solutions that help Valet Anywhere’s customers feel safe when using their parking services.”  states Gabriel Schonzeit,’s CEO. “We believe in building strong relationships with our customers and exceeding expectations on each and every project.”