IDSecurityOnline Lays The Foundation To Secure Construction Sites In NYC With Photo ID Card Solutions

IDSecurityOnline Lays The Foundation To Secure Construction Sites In NYC With Photo ID Card Solutions

The story

The Advantages

Within the first month, Allied Risk Management saw considerable benefits from utilizing’s ID card solutions. Their construction customers could now print out detailed reports on all their contractors to see how long they worked on each job site. Badges could be printed on the spot for new contractors or lost ID cards.

Allied quickly increased their customer base and took on new customers that required asset protection at worksites. A new job was given to Allied Risk Management that required over 1,000 badges at one job site. By having the ability to print badges internally, they could quickly meet the requirements of customers that needed a large number of badges for a particular site.

In addition, the ID card solutions provided by have enabled the company to dramatically reduce the amount of time required to secure new customers.

By offering the best in ID badging solutions, constructions companies and developers are quicker to hire Allied Risk Management to secure their worksites and buildings under construction.

Laying The Foundation For The Future

Allied Risk Management’s future plans consist of relying on to advise them of new technology advances and recommend the right solutions to continue keeping their customers’ assets safe and secure. is committed to providing their customers with the right ID card solutions for their needs.


Allied Risk Management aids and supplements the efforts of public, corporate and individual interests in the protection of assets. The company focuses on various vertical markets including hospitality, construction, retail and house of worship facilities in NY. 

A huge focus for Allied Risk Management is securing their clients’ construction sites throughout New York City. Most construction companies and developers have plumbers, contractors, electricians, and a myriad of visitors each day at the worksite; which involves managing access to the site at all times. Currently, they work with six construction sites that require issuing on average 2,400 photo ID cards at one time. These cards must also serve as access control badges so Allied Risk Management personalizes Proximity cards that must be programmed in a timely manner. The main challenge Allied Risk Management faced was being able to print out detailed reports of who visited the site to determine how many hours they worked and eliminate any unauthorized visitors. In addition, protecting the job site and making sure that expensive equipment and other valuable assets were not stolen are critical issues. Allied Risk Management needed a company who could provide all badges and accessories quickly as worksites can quickly grow and change within a 24-48 hour time period.


In March 2014, Allied Risk Management looking for a new ID partner when they found “Due to the wide array of people entering our client’s construction sites, it was important for us to find a way to secure the site and provide an easy way to track each person who accesses the site on a daily basis. After working with an out of-state supplier of ID Cards who did not meet our quick turnaround requirements, we decided to search for another company in the local area who could meet our needs.” said Kerry Madden, Administrator, Allied Risk Management. Allied Risk Management orders programmed proximity cards called QuickShip from QuickShip proximity cards are programmed by and ship within a 24-48 hour timeframe. “We were lucky to find IDSecurityOnline. com who has proven to be extremely knowledgeable on helping us find the right printers, badges, and accessories and offers remarkable turnaround times on badges - normally less than 24 hours that keeps our clients happy.” said Kerry Madden. 

Allied Risk Management owns Magicard Rio Pro ID card printers to personalize their ID badges. The company also orders supplies and lanyards in order to print all badges internally for their clients’ contractors. Each badge contains the person’s name, company, trade, photo, and ID number. All contractors are required to wear their ID badges and swipe them upon entering the worksite. This helped Allied’s customers track who entered the site and analyze hours worked by all contractors. By verifying the identity of each worker, it also helped eliminate unauthorized visitors and theft of assets; thus saving their customers money from losses of assets. “IDSecurityOnline’s turnaround time on getting us the ID Badges over the last year was remarkable. Typically, we receive our badges within a 24-hour timeframe and don’t have to worry about ordering an additional badge to replace a lost card or adding badges for new sites. With IDSecurityOnline on our team we can relax knowing that they will be there for us 24/7.” states Kerry Madden. 

“ is committed to providing the best ID card solutions to offer maximum security to all our customers.” says Gabriel Schonzeit,’s CEO. “We have designed the QuickShip line of Proximity cards because our customers requested a solution to issue access control badges to their employees and visitors in a timely manner. With QuickShip, our customers get their programmed proximity cards within 48 hours.”