How Long Should My ID Card Printer Last?

How Long Should My ID Card Printer Last?

The life expectancy of ID card printers can vary widely based on several variables that affect their performance. For example, how many cards you print annually, how often your print, and how often you service or maintain your ID card printer will have an effect on how long it will last. This is why no ID printer manufacturer will ever state how many cards their printer is expected to print over its lifetime. There are just too many things that can affect its longevity.

Just like with your car or truck, things wear down over time and with use, and need either replaced or fixed. In most cases, just like with an automobile, it won’t be how many miles you put on a vehicle (or cards you print with your printer), but more likely due to the maintenance schedule and how many people are using the printer.

Most manufacturers warranty their ID card printers for 2 years, so you can expect to get at least that from your printer. If you need a more professional system, choose a retransfer printer rather than a direct to card printer. Retransfer printers come with a lifetime print head coverage, while print heads are a consumable product with direct to card printers.

How to Extend Your Printer’s Life Expectancy

There are a few thing you can do to extend the lifetime of your ID card printer, however. Here are a few tricks to help you get more time with your printer:

  1. Train every employee who will be using it how to use your ID card printer properly. This includes how to change the ribbon and other supplies, how to deal with card jams, and other proper procedures. Training will eliminate some of the damage that can come with improper use.
  2. Only use your ID card printer in the right environment. Avoid dust, humidity, oil, and any extreme temperatures. Make sure to cover your printer with a dust cover when not in use, and keep the temperature regulated between 65 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit with no humidity.
  3. If you can, handle your blank cards with a clean pair of gloves to eliminate the dirt, oil, and other debris that can ruin your print head. And store your blank cards in the box they came in away from dust, dirt, and oil that can compromise your cards and your printer.
  4. ID card printers are somewhat delicate, so you should never force anything in or out of your printer. If something is stuck or broken, call us at IDSecurityOnline for help in how to remedy it. It may take a service call, or it may be something we can walk you through over the phone.
  5. Clean your printer regularly. Your manufacturer’s manual will have suggested maintenance schedules for how often you should clean it. Make sure you use the manufacturer’s cleaning kit, and avoid any cleaning kits not designed specifically for your ID card printer.
  6. Purchase a maintenance plan with IDSecurityOnline. Our factory trained technicians have the tools and the expertise needed to work on these machines. Just like regular maintenance with an auto mechanic, your ID card printer will run much better and last longer with expert care.

Final Thoughts

IDSecurityOnline offers 1, 2, or 3 year extended warranties on our ID card printers that will buy you some peace of mind. With an extended warranty, you know you’ll get expert service in a timely manner so that you can meet your business needs without a lot of downtime. Extended warranties include toll-free technical support, all parts and labor, and even an optional printer loaner while we service your printer.

If this makes sense for your printer needs, contact one of our experts today to discuss an appropriate warranty or maintenance plan for your situation.