Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), is a technology that uses microchips approximately the size of a grain of salt, that each store a unique ID that can be interrogated or read from a distance. The interrogator can read hundreds of tags per second with no line of sight, which means that an RFID chip can be completely concealed inside a box or container and still be read.

RFID provides an efficient and automated mechanism for asset tracking and inventory management. 

ID Security Online has partnered with SimplyRFID to provide a comprehensive asset tracking surveillance solution. By applying the tags to important assets, companies can set off alerts and reports when the assets are taken through a doorway.  The RFID solution can also be used to monitor stairways and back door exits to prevent theft.

Your security personnel no longer need to sit and watch the video monitors: a tag read in a particular location automatically triggers video recording and sends an instant alert to the personnel's mobile devices.


Retail Price: $5568.00
Sale Price: $4700.00
  • Plug-and-Play RFID and Video Surveillance Kit
  • Full RFID solution for asset tracking & inventory control
  • Instant alerts for maximum security

Label Tags


Sale Price: $199.00

Item#: NOX-2-BLANK
Sale Price: $390.00

Rugged Tags


Item#: Nox-TM15
Sale Price: $720.00

Item#: Nox-TM9P
Sale Price: $399.00

Item#: Nox-TM9MAG
Sale Price: $699.00

Item#: Nox-TM9
Sale Price: $580.00

Item#: Nox-TM9LR
Sale Price: $720.00

Item#: Nox-TM7THIN
Sale Price: $499.00

Item#: Nox-TM7
Sale Price: $499.00

Item#: Nox-TM4
Sale Price: $399.00

Item#: Nox-TM4NM
Sale Price: $410.00

Item#: Nox-TM3
Sale Price: $399.00
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