PassagePoint Global License

Item#: PPG-1
Manufacturer: Brady

Per Pack: 1
Sale Price: $2485.00
  • Email capabilityEmail user-defined categories of people from the email database. Easy to send email to everyone at a specific location; ideal for emergency situations. Email pre-registered visitors so upon their arrival, the emailed barcode can be scanned for instant sign-in.
  • Control centerView information that is pertinent to each specific location. Designate users at certain locations and create custom screens for specific sites. A single logical site map allows tracking of destination and locations for easy operation.
  • Datascreen customizationCustomize data entry screen by adding custom fields. Can be configured to dynamically change based on the category of the person.
  • Multi languageConfigure viewing screens in English, Canadian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and more.
  • Background checkWhen entering a visitor's name, automatically run a background check against a live Internet database. Matches can be automatically emailed to security staff.
  • Dir linkAvoid duplicate entries and save time with repeat visitors using Global Type-Ahead feature. With Directory Link add-on, there is a real-time connection to the employee directory.
  • Web preregistrationAn E-Visit Pass can be sent to the visitor and host for instant sign-in at arrival. Each employee can see their upcoming visits.
  • Access control intIntegrate visitor management with existing security systems to activate access rights in the access control system. Prints a barcode onto the visitor badge to allow access through secure locations.

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SKU: AH-1030
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Per Pack: 1
Sale Price: $2485.00
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