NiSCA Laminator

Item#: L201 Laminator
Manufacturer: Nisca
Sale Price: $2095.00


The L210 laminator features a quick heating process and fast laminating performance. After initialization, the system is ready within 40 seconds and laminates both sides within 20 seconds.

Add the L201 laminator feature with dual-sided lamination to the PR-C201 retransfer card printer. The new laminator option will provide an extra layer of protection and security which is an essential security element for government credentialing, state driver’s licensing and for organizations with high-security requirements. In addition, this model provides increased durability and prolonged card life by preventing image fading and dye migration that can occur with normal card use. Lamination can be field-installed even after your purchase!


  • Single or Double sided lamination
  • Easy to operate and configure settings
  • Easy to load film cartridge
  • Designed with card transport knob for removing a jammed card
  • Wide display and convenient button control (4Line MONO LCD, 4 Control Buttons)
  • High level of security
  • The front cover can be locked to protect the film inside (optional feature). High capacity of laminator film
  • Up to 500 laminator film (Dual sides) are supported
  • Various cards supported: CR-80, CR-79, CR-90, and ID-2
  • Thinfilm Softcoat / 1mil Hardcoat
  • Field Upgradeable
  • 1 Year Laminator Warranty on L201 Laminator

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