[Legacy, not on sale!!!] Magicard Enduro + School Photo ID System

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  • Magicard Enduro+ Single-Sided card printer
  • Asure ID Express Software
  • Credential Camera
  • Full Color Ribbon (300 Prints)
  • 500 White PVC Cards
  • 100 Breakaway Lanyards
  • Card Slot Punch
  • 1 Hour of Training
  • USB Cable
  • CD with printer drivers and user guide
  • 2-year warranty

The Magicard Enduro+ School Photo ID System (item# SchoolSystem1) is the perfect solution to print all your student IDs, staff IDs and visitor IDs on demand. Designed for K-12 schools, this ID card solution will simplify your ID card production and help you keep a low cost-per-card.

This bundle includes everything that you need to print your first 300 badges. Capture high-resolution pictures of your students within seconds with our Credential Camera. Design professional IDs with Asure ID Express Software and produce stunning ID cards with the Magicard Enduro+ Single-Sided card printer.

We have also included a card slot punch and 100 breakaway lanyards to help you enforce your ID card program.

You also get 1 hour of training to learn the ins-and-outs of your ID card system and enjoy a stress-free card printing experience.

The Magicard Enduro+ School Photo ID System comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Student, staff and visitor IDs
  • Access control badges
  • Time & Attendance
  • Library checkouts
  • Lunch plans
  • Payment cards
  • Event passes
  • Transportation Passes

About the Magicard Enduro+ Single-Sided ID card printer:

The Magicard Enduro+ Single-Sided ID card printer is feature-packed to meet all the requirements of your school.

The printer is equipped with a 100-card hopper and 30-card stacker. Fast, the Magicard Enduro+ prints a color card in 35 seconds and a monochrome badge in just 7 seconds. The printer also features a 2-line color LCD display for instant printer status.

Security comes standard with Magicard’s HoloKote® technology. The user has the option to print a HoloKote® security watermark across the card surface. When used with HoloPatch® cards, one area of the HoloKote watermark is highlighted as a high visibility security seal. A choice of 4 fixed HoloKote patterns is selectable from the printer driver.

The Enduro+ is a single-sided printer that can be easily field upgraded to dual-sided by a simple drop-in upgrade. An Ethernet upgrade kit is also available.

About Asure ID Express 7 software:

Asure ID Express 7 is the perfect choice for organizations looking for an affordable and even easier-to-use stand-alone photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities.

Its intuitive interface is based on the familiar Microsoft® Ribbon look-and-feel to help you design and manage photo IDs with minimal training.

Asure ID comes with an internal database and Live Link makes it easy to print cards from other Microsoft Access databases on the PC.

Asure ID Express 7 also features a robust reporting suite with standard ready-to-view reports. Manipulating data with filtering, sorting and grouping has never been easier to configure and save in a custom report.

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