Fargo HDP8500 ID Card Printers

The Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer is a high-capacity retransfer printer, built to personalize secure cards and badges in high volume.

  • Reverse transfer technology for “over the edge” printing
  • Dual-sided printing capabilities
  • Ideal for large ID card programs and service bureaus
  • Easy-to-load high-capacity ribbons, films and laminates
  • Integrates ID card printing, encoding, laser engraving and laminating into one machine
  • Price match guarantee and free shipping
  • 3-year warranty on printer — Unlimited printhead warranty

Fargo HDP8500 Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Item#: 88500
More Configurations:
88504, 88502, 88501, 88505, 88506, 88508, 88509, 88511, 88512, 88519, 88521, 88522, 88526, 88530, 88531, 88532, 88533
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  • Double sided printing
  • 3-year warranty on printer and lifetime warranty on printhead


The Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer meets the requirements of large organizations that need a secure and reliable solution to issue highly-secure cards and badges in high definition.

The Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer is feature-packed for unmatched quality and security:

  • Standard dual-sided printing
  • Single-sided lamination
  • Optional dual-sided lamination
  • Reverse transfer technology for premium print quality
  • Over the edge printing for full bleed printing
  • Dual input card hoppers: two 200-card hoppers for a total capacity 400 cards
  • 200-card output hopper
  • Physical locks to protect printing materials and cards and secure PIN access to electronically lock the printer
  • Reject box for misprinted or misencoded cards
  • Extremely fast with up to 1,200 cards per shift/24 seconds per card (YMC with transfer)
  • Standard USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Pioneering touch-screen display for instant support and printer status
  • Multi-processing capability to encode, print and laminate simultaneously
  • Included FARGO Workbench diagnostic tool to simplify printer maintenance.
  • 3-year warranty on the printer
  • Unlimited printhead warranty
  • Optional encoding capabilities: magnetic stripe, smart cards

Several options are available to convert your Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer into a powerful encoding machine.

The easiest – and most inexpensive – way to add data is through barcodes. No need for a specific encoder: all you have to do is add a barcode in the design of your cards through your software. 

If you need to print and encode cards with a magnetic stripe, choose a Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer with a magnetic encoder. Widely used in access control and time & attendance, magnetic cards are an affordable choice for your badges.

If you need more secure badges, opt for a Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer with smart card encoder. With contact and contactless smart cards, the data is securely encoded into an embedded chip. To store data and to be read, a contact smart card must be inserted into a reader, when contactless smart cards only need to be waved within range of a reader. Perfect for student IDs, healthcare cards, loyalty cards or government IDs, smart cards can now easily be created with a Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer with smart card encoder.

The Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer is available with a single or dual-sided lamination module to add an extra layer of protection to your printed cards.

Fargo ID card printers can apply different types of laminates:

  • Clear laminates: a clear protective layer of 0.6 or 1.0 mil is applied to your printed cards.
  • Standard holographic laminates: choose laminates with holograms for added security as holograms are hard to duplicate.
  • Custom holographic laminates: instead of opting for a standard hologram that another company may also use, go for your own custom design. This option guarantees maximum protection to your cards.

Laminates can be patches or overlay. Patch laminates leave an unprotected border around the edge of your cards while overlay laminates cover the entire surface of your cards.

The Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer perfectly adapts to your needs thanks to a number of optional modules:

  • Encoding modules:  add data to magnetic stripe, proximity, or contactless cards, for access control or secure multi-feature badges.
  • Dual-sided card lamination: the Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer can laminate both sides of your cards simultaneously for maximum efficiency.
  • Card flattener: to ensure high-quality card issuance and reduce the risk of card distortions, add a card flattener to your Fargo HDP8500 ID card printer.
  • Andon production status light: this vertical module allows you to check the status of your printer from a distance thanks to clear, visible lights.
  • Laser engraver: increase your card security by adding laser engraving to your badges.
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