Fargo Legacy Printer Supplies

You may not always find supplies or information about your ID card printer. Chances are that these products have already been discontinued. As technology progresses, manufacturers often replace older ID card printers with new, updated models. Legacy models of PVC card printers were “what you see is what you get.” For instance, if you wanted a dual sided printer or a magnetic encoder in the printer for future use, the original purchase of the printer needed to encompass every function that would be needed throughout the lifetime of the printer. Additionally, most common complaint about Legacy printers is their inability to print. Can you blame certain industries for wanting to discontinue such products?

Although Legacy printers have been discontinued, ID Security Online still carries supplies and accessories for a wide variety of discontinued printers, including those made by the ID card industry's most popular brands such as FargoZebraPersona,Evolis, and Magicard. Whether you need color or monochrome ribbons, lamination, cleaning supplies, print heads, printer parts, or accessories, we are happy to help direct you to your discontinued printer’s supplies for the current model with backward-compatible supplies.

SKU: 45213
Retail Price: $239.50
Sale Price: $166.00
For use with: DTC4500, DTC4500e
Fargo 47500 Replacement Printhead
SKU: 47500
Retail Price: $757.00
For use with: DTC1000, DTC1500, DTC4000, DTC4500
Fargo 86002 Replacement Printhead
SKU: 86002
Retail Price: $840.00
Sale Price: $646.00
For use with: DTC550

Monochrome Ribbons

These monochrome ribbons are ideal for printing text and single color line art on cards. They deliver crisp sharp text and clear monochrome images and barcodes. They can print up to 1000 images per ribbon. Sometimes, cleaning roller is included to ensure top performance while simplifying printer maintenance.

Color Ribbons

Color ribbons guarantee professional-looking photo ID cards without coarse and grainy looking images. These ribbons allow you to print full color ID cards. The full color on the front or front and back and with overlay protection is designed to ensure that your cards will last longer and resist fading.

Cleaning Kits

These cleaning kits keep your Legacy card printers printing crisp clear cards. Regularly cleaning your printer you ensures that your printer will last longer and your ID cards will always look their best. Each kit includes 10 gauze pads, 10 cleaning cards, and 4 print head swabs.

Print Heads

Print heads on all ID cards printers tend to wear out after some heavy usage leaving line across the ID card as it is printed and the image quality decreases. These print heads apply images or text to your ID cards. Print heads may need to be replaced when print quality issues cannot be resolved by cleaning the print head.
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