Evolis Securion Dual Sided Photo ID System

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  • Evolis Securion Dual Sided ID Card Printer
  • eMedia Standard Software
  • Evolis Full Color Ribbon YMCKO (200 Prints)
  • 500 White PVC Cards
  • Credential Camera

The Evolis Securion (item#SEC101RBH) is a dual-sided photo ID secure printer with single sided lamination. The Evolis Securion prints only secure photo ID's ideal for governments, driver licenses and organizations needing high security.When using the Evolis Securion, a protection film is applied over the surface with hot roller technology all it takes to edit a secure badge is just a single pass.The Evolis Securion Dual-Sided printer has a two-line LCD screen making it an easy to use and easy to learn photo ID printer.The frame and stand of the physical printer are metal to keep the printer secure and increase the lifespan of the body of the photo ID printer. Included in the Evolis Securion is a centralized locking system to keep all the supplies for the photo ID printer secure.

Securion personalizes and durably protects secured badges for every security application: From simple ID cards to fraud-proof security.

The Evolis Securion is ideal for:

Governmental Applications

  • Identity cards, driving licenses, welfare and health cards
  • Security and identification applications at companies, harbors and airports, schools and universities
  • And for all applications that require fraud proof identification and high resilience

Badge Lamination

A protection film is applied over the surface with hot roller technology, after the graphical and electrical personalization process.The film is either a continuous layer of varnish or a patch. Editing and encoding a secure badge is just a matter of a single pass.

Secure ID Badges and Restrictions of Use:

  • Encoding options for magnetic stripes, smart cards and contactless cards (all options can be combined in the same printer).
  • A centralized locking system to prevent theft of films, patches, rejected badges or blank cards.
  • Securion can be password protected, if this option is enabled in the software. Only authorized staff can then use the printer.

Proven Reliability:
  • The frame and the stand are made of metal to increase the lifespan of the printer and to fight any intrusion attempt.
  • A 2-year warranty (printer and lamination station), limited to 100,000 inserted cards for the print head and the heating roller.

User-friendly and flexible:
  • A 2-line LCD screen displays the status of the printer and of the lamination station. The menu offers direct access to a range of settings and data related to the operation and maintenance of the printer.
  • A two-color LED provides instant notification on the printer status:green indicates normal operation, red indicates an alert or error.
  • Standard USB and Ethernet ports.

  • Securion includes equipment and feature in its standard version that are offered as options by the competition (Ethernet port, lock, eject tray,100-card feeder and tray, 2-line LCD screen).
  • Securion can apply 1.0 mil lamination patches on standard PVC (single-sided lamination) cards, which cuts the cost per card by approximately 10%.

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